I'm every Woman

Paris is the latest host JR's stunning WOMEN ARE HEROES exhibit.

After traveling to various cities in Brazil, Cambodia, Liberia, Belgium (...) Parisian photographer, JR, has returned home to showcase his large scale photographs images of women from around the world, the 3rd installment of his 28 Millimeters project.

The making OFF (Kenya)

From Tory...

Martha Stewart back in the day (1960's)


walking on the street


Sick Melody

Our girl Melody Ehsani is back at it with Final Frontier collection

ps: Read or (re-read) our little chat with Miss Ehsani right here.

Fall Films

Dazzling Damita



The beauty of re-cycling.
Pixelthis's one-of-a-kind handmade clock.
89.00$ US

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Pop Montreal: Independent Music Festival

Read more | En savoir plus

Check out this collaborative mini-sound documentary that combines varied and dynamic musical materials recorded over a 10 week period in 2006. Diverse recordings include, but are not limited to, interviews with fans, the music scene and live performances, along with an interview with the creative director. LISTEN

Forever Fashions

It's about time! The arrival of Forever 21 (XXI) or Tournée 21 to Montréal may come as a shock to those living States side or in other parts of Canada, but as a person who has a closet space devoted to this store, its arrival is long over due.

Located in the downtown core, it is surrounded by shops that may be on the mark but not at the same price point. Even with the converted inflated prices, it is still a deal. Current, ripped-from-the-runway, fast fashions with decent pricing -- we approve!

Location: Complexe Les Ailes 677 St. Catherine W. (corner University St.)
Size: 18,000- to 19,000-square-foot on two floors
Pricing: $4 - $60 (taxes not included)
Read more and see pics of the opening day + lineup at Mode Trotter.

PS: Another XXI is soon to come. (St. Catherine Ouest and de la Montagne: Old GAP Store)


Fox Shop

Kitsuné (2nd) Pop-up store, now at Colette.

New Nano

Why is it that every time I make an upgrade, something a newer, better and more advanced comes out. The new Ipod nano with video capabilities is my latest technological crave.


Sweet Tee

We don't tweet and we are bloggers, all the same we are still lushing over this sweet tee. Pick up yours for $18 (US) at Threadless. via Popwupping

Update: We now tweet!


Remember my Name

Ghetto Fab' - 90's Throwback

From Nightlife Magazine's October issue.


Hong-Kong visual artist Dorophy Tang gave the infamous Diana F+ camera a makeover, and we LOVE the result, the QingHua Diana F+.
Check out more of Tang's incredible work here


What time is it?


Opening Night

It's official, you can now buy our fav' tees online

Big Up to the Africa is the Future crew



Isabel Marant X Milla Jovovich

Isabel Marant's Fall 09 collection


Japan state of mind

Uniqlo Fall 2009 lookbook

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Two graffiti queens.Indie X Fafi
Two cities. NYC X Paris
One dope collab'
More info here


Jumelle X Heimstone

What? Brooklyn boutique Jumelle and Paris' Heimstone celebrate Vogue Fashion's Night Out

When? Thursday, September 10 at 6pm

Where? 148 Bedford Avenue (at North 19th)Williamsburg - Brooklyn


Reading List

Ask yourself, Are you sure this world is for you? And are you sure you are the right person to survive in this world — the world of fashion, a world with no rules, no laws? KARL LAGERFELD

This is a quote from the Teen Vogue's Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion. Slated for release in October, this reference guide offers aspiring career fashionistas advice from industry experts such as: Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. Check out the video.

Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. You just need to have a love for what you’re doing. It’s not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it.

Love Supreme

Supreme Fall 09 lookbook
via La MJC