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The Ed Banger team is at again, this time with a new platform for the ever - so prolific crew. The site features blogs by Busy P, DJ Mehdi and wifey Fafi(LICIOUS), Michael from La MJC and So-Me... an online shop and more will be added soon.
Follow their Ed-ventures here

(PS: I know it seems like I'm part of the Ed Rec promo team.... but I swear I'm

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Airbrush Counterfeit*

One half of French electro duo Justice, Gaspard Augé - the one with the mustache- is also a skilled graphic designer. He's a regular guest designer for SixPack and is the brain behind all of Surkin's album covers. A pure product of the 80's pop culture the 29 years old has been influenced by Doug Johnson, Hajime Sorayama, Heinz Edelmann and many more...

(*name of his studio)


Evolution: Photoshop

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Judge a books by its cover

Its not what you think.

So this is Christmas…

Christmas by Colour is a not-for-profit collaborative exploration into the colours that shape Christmas. I posted some of my favs.

But I don’t know if any made the final Nice List. I guess I have to buy the poster. But a plus is that one of my colours was chosen (Peace on Earth: UN blue) and all profits will be donated to Calm.

Printed on 135gsm Naturalis Absolute white thanks to those fantastic people at GF Smith. Limited edition of 500 includes a free A2 sheet of CBC wrapping paper!


Present Status


Pourquoi pas? | 5 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

The brisk air, biting cold temperature, outdoor lights and crowed shops signal that the holidays are upon us. With that, here are a few nice tips readers suggests from Operation Nice.
Why? Because ‘tis the season.
Enjoy! Send some of your suggestions.

1. Bring some hot chocolate or coffee to the bell ringers who are standing outside in cold weather.
2.When a waitress or other service person has been exceptional, let their manager know.
3. Send a random e-Card to someone you haven't talked to in a while for no special reason.
4. Buy a current bestseller and donate it to the local library.
5. Clear the snow off a neighbor's car after a big snowfall.



Independent State of Mind

I love the new and improved website of Paris' based Tees' brand "Africa is the Future".
The brand was launched in 2001 by street wear savvy Nicolas Premier, who is also a talented photographer.
Check the website here

PopUp Pepsi

Make sure to stop by Pepsi one-day Pop - up store today.
You'll find brands like Rockport, HellzBellz, Violette -- and more for real cheap.
PS: Fellow New-Yorkers, don't let the snow+slush stop you from getting some great deals!

What? Pepsi Pop Up Store
When? December 20, 2008
Where? 201 Mulberry Street


To live in a tree house


Personality Type

You are?
a. a self promoter
b. cold hard steel
c. outlawed since 1941
d. bluntly subtle
e. no where to be found

Not sure? Well that all depends of your font preferences. Typocalypse on flickr has posted images based on this notion. Which font character are you?

P.S: I am somewhere between the son of a stonecutter (nice), a conformist (resent this) and a circle, a triangle + a square (can live with it).



A Black Christmas

La Redoute (via Apartment Theraphy) | Flickr (plastereddragon) | plexiglass chandeliers (via Apartment Theraphy) | Season's Designs Pearl Black Glass Ornaments | Treetopia Tuxedo Black Tree (via Apartment Theraphy)

These things just don’t belong

Louis Vuitton is synonymous with luxury. I do believe that if it wasn't for the knock-offs LV would not be as coveted or where it is today? (I'm not advocating...just stating) However, these copyright infringements are just plain wrong...T

View more examples here.
Source: Cool Hunter


Tendances: Lumberjack Plaid

1. AE : Buffalo Check Peacoat $129.50 2. Dolce & Gabbana $545 3. Forever 21: Western Plaid Shirt $15.80
4. Selena Coat $98.50 $49.99 5. Alife sneakers 6. Jcrew: Tartan ballet flats $225 $149.99


Nice to meet you

So they say...

Henri Bendel + Miss Bruno

The ultra-chic Henri Bendel boutique invited the ladies of Miss Bruno for one of their "Trunk Shows". The Brooklyn based designers will present pieces from their new collection of convertible scarves.

What? Miss Bruno Scarf Trunk Show
When? December 22/23, 2008
Where? Henri Bendel - 712, Fifth Avenue

Judge an album by its cover

Everybody who knows me knows that DJ Mehdi has been banging on my eardrum forever; His latest tune "Tunisia Bambaata" is my official winter jam and check out the cover for his upcoming compilation "Beats & Blues".
The cover is as dope as the playlist. Word!
Artwork by Monsieur SO-ME.


Sticky Handwork

Until January 14th, the GiantRobot store is hosting a very cool exhibit of post-it! Yes, the little stickies were used as canvases by more than 95 artists who created 2000 works.
The post-it are all for sale starting at $20.

What? Post-It Show 3
When? Until January 14, 2009
Where? GR2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
More info here


I wanna be a Wrap Star

I came across Kim Vallée’s blog where she has several posts that feature various gift wrapping techniques and tips. I like this recent one from Canadian House and Home November 2008.
There is even a video!

Photos: via Kim Vallée (Photography by Tracy Shumate for H&H November 2008)


Obama vs. Amy


Creative Challenge: 5 Shukō.

Calling all creative individuals, designers, urbanists, and visionaries to express Montréal's unique personality. Must be passionate about, and inspired by, the city’s urban environment.

Shukō : en japonais… une idée, un projet, un plan.
Ces cinq shukō, ce sont cinq défis, cinq projets de design qui seront réalisés par concours d’idées ou concours de projets, chapeautés par Design Montréal.

Shukō (n. Japanese): an idea, a project, a plan.
In this case, an invitation to submit 5 design projects which will be overseen by Design Montréal.

Read more here...


Contemporary Creations


Stellar Stella

Common Tees

Rapper Common teams up with Microsoft for their Softwear t-shirts line.

The Bright Spot

More than just a drink, Mimosa has been named the color of '09 by the reputable Pantone color Think Tank.
Pantone color swatch | Tracy Reese: Printed silk wrap dress | mimosa flower | Tory Burch: Reva patent flats | Yellow Box Beauty | Ikea Trollsta sideboard | mimosa drink

Also known as: #EEC050, RGB (238, 192, 80)


(via Huffington Post)


La vie est belle

La nouvelle publicité de Bell (août 08) peut être trouvée partout à Montreal.

Bell's new French ad campaign in Montreal rolls of the tongue but the English...

...just doesn't make sense to me. Simpler, better, trimmer. ER, without the prefixes, is just an E and an R. Or do they mean ER like emergency room, troubleshooting etc. In that case, lets go with other words: emergency, bitter, teaser, user, slower, mystery and scammer.

On a positive side, I like that the improved logo harps back to 1975 brand designed by Jean Morin in Quebec.


Image: Cossette Communication, Leo Burnett, Montreal's Lg2, Zula Alpha Kilo

What's your flava ?

Check out these really cool Polaroid Packfilms [Type 100]. They are part of the last films to be manufactured by Polaroid in Mexico and they come in 3 different flavors: blue, sepia and chocolate

A must have for all instant photography lovers.

More info here.



Easy conversation ... Nadège Winter

Nadège Winter does it all. An avid workaholic, the Headbangirl is always working on a new project, playing on her surf board or spinning at a club near you - sometimes with hubby Pedro Winter of Ed Banger fame.
I caught up with the former Colette girl for a little chat...

You've worked at some of Paris' hottest spots, Le Palais de Tokyo, and Colette, what made you decide to start your own company?
As you've said, I have now many experiences. Starting in the music business as a label manager for Delabel Virgin Record – for 5 years – then as a head of communication at Le Palais de Tokyo, and more recently as a head of communication at Colette for 6 years. During this time, I've also been working on my own personal projects as a DJ, a journalist (TV + press) and organizing parties (…) It then became obvious that I had to start my own company as I wanted to continue developing my own point of view on various purposes. The more I grow, the more confident I get, the more I want to explore new things; and the more I am curious, the more independent I want to be .

What is NWAgency?
NWA (Nadege Winter Agency) is the name of my company. I am a freelance consultant in communication, a visual and creative director, but also producer for a new Internet TV channel Konbini TV.

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest project, Wool and the gang?

Wool and the Gang is a family initiative, a very exciting knitting line founded by some of my friends and I work as a creative director, and communication strategy manager. The line includes colorful yarn brands, DIY kits to push people to knit their own scarves, gloves, hats …We also have a few items that are sold already knitted – It's now available online at and exclusively sold at Colette.

What did you want to be or do when growing up?
When I was very young, I wanted to attend the Fame school to dance, sing, and play all day long. But I remember I've always been attracted to marketing and communication and charitable work. I wanted to help people around me and be an artist.
So here we are now, I'm a creative consultant, I work at developing more and more green projects, and I also try to pursue my artistic aspirations.

Now that you're a DJ, an all around PR girl, an event planner, a journalist, a wife, and I hear you've recently started singing with "The Shoppings", is there anything that you don't do?
Ahaha, Gold digga'!

What's playing on your ipod these days?
Right now Kanye West but I also love the new TV on THE RADIO album.

And what can we wish you for 2009?

Unconditional love, a peaceful life, great surf experience, an explosion busine$ wise, and more and more discoveries.

Merci Nadège


Shopping Rx

Attention all unapologetic spenders!
Women's Health Magazine (Dec 08) lists the healthy benefits of shopping in the article creatively entitled, How Manolos Can Save Your Life.
" will give you the same kind of high by releasing a flood of endorphins--the feel-good chemicals in your brain..." -Nancy Irwin, Psy.D
Conclusion: if the shoes fits, yes go ahead and buy it.


White & Gold

Miss Santi White aka Santogold
by Montreal's own Jorge Camarotti

O Canada!

The top three finalists for Prints's 4th annual student cover competition are Canadian!
Cast a vote for your favourite, eh.

Source: printmag
Ann Christiani | Jenny Kim | Amani Lusignan


The September Issue

The long awaited Vogue documentary will make its premier at the Sundance Film Festival--allegedly. Directed by R.J. Cutler (A&E IndieFilms), the feature looks into the making of the September 2007 issue. Unlike an E True Hollywood story, the doc had the go ahead of editor in chief Anna Wintour.

Images: Actual Reality Pictures + Vogue Sept. 07