The Earth and Its People

As part  of this year's Earth Day Celebration, here are some picks of products or initiative that for us  truly speak sustainability,  hand-crafted; in other the people creating from scratch to preserve and value the Earth.

1. Indego Africa is a non-profit organization that promotes entrepreneurship amongst African by enabling to design, create and sell accessories, artifacts...and more.
2. JEM Looking for the finest and most beautiful fair trade bling, look no further, JEM offers all this and beyond. The Paris studio based promotes fair-trade materials refined with some of the most advanced techniques.
3. Sawa Shoes are shoes made in Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia) by Africans!
4. The Body Shop's Wood Positive As part of an effort to promote a greener lifestyle, The Body Shop just  started Wood Positive, a new initiative that aims to plant and protect more trees than it uses in its supply chain. Consequently, as of this month, consumers will be able to support this initiative by purchasing those product bearing the Wood Positive logo.
5. Mast Brothers Chocolate bars, handcrafted in Brooklyn these sweet treats are as yummy as they look. Enjoy with very little moderation.



Archetypes is a series of posters designed by Tres Tipos Gráficos with Manuel Sesma. By superimposing the lowercase letters layer upon layer a unique and characteristic blueprint is obtained in each composition, like a rendering of the font's essential shape and character. Order yours here. See more here.

Edition of 10 posters x 100 prints.
All the posters are 13,5" x 18,5". They are two-color printed
(black and pantone 3125) on a 240-gram Munken Lynx.

 Order of Appearance



Striking images from Jan Masny portfolio of commercial and editorial works that elegantly captures movement and illusionary form.


100 Days

Let the countdown begin... With 100 days to go before the London 2012 Olympics, here is a selection of one of our favourite designs of Olympics past.

Jeux olympiques d'été de 1976
Designed by: Georges Huel and Pierre-Yves Pelletier   

Designer: Lance Wyman


Vintage flower

The summer looks retro and floral with this latest swimwear collection by SUNO.


Can I Kick It?

SS12 wow! I have to admit that we are surprised to see many of the premiere fashion houses finally sporting yummy sneakers. Ah hem..(clears throat) they are calling it Sports-Luxe — which was the standout trend on this season's catwalks. As beautiful as they are we might just stick with our Dunks, Pumas, Converse or my precious Sam Edelman Cori Sherpa High Top Sneakers.



Inspired by the 1954 movie featuring the oh-so glamourous Audrey Hepburn, Sabrina Paris was founded in 2005 as the home of ' trendy and unique designs at affordable prices' accessories. And needless to say that each and every one of these leather pieces (bags, wallets...)  are gorgeous, unique, decent priced with a Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi. We like!


Word on the Street

I don't have many rituals, but one thing that I find myself doing many Sundays is watching On the Street as a I enjoy a relaxed breakfast. Produced by Joanna Nikas and Simone S. Oliver, On the Street is the audio version of Bill Cunningham's weekly spread for The New York Times that features his candid commentary and street photography. With images from here and there Manhattan,  but often 5th Avenue and throw in excursions elsewhere, namely Paris — it is truly visual feast for the eyes.

Warning: Be careful it is addictive. Enjoy!


All Year Long...

Here are  25 fabulous trends for spring and summer 2012, courtesy of Net-a-Porter — one Tam's go-to online shopping destinations. Whether you choose to rock a laced-up frock, adorn with bold earrings or prance around in printed patterns — this year's plethora of choices makes getting dressed a glamorous pleasure. Be in the know.