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Explore the artistry of Alexander McQueen at the exhibition, Savage Beauty, which will be held at the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute and will be launched by this year's Met Ball.

What? Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Where? Met Ball
When? May 2, 2011


Hot & Cold

Dear caffeine & chocolate and quality ice-cream lover, let us introduce to you 'Hot Cup Cold Spoon' a new America coffee house chain. The University of Missour graduate Drew Roper is the brain & hands behind the branding and craft of 'Hot Cup Cold Spoon' packaging!
For more info on Roper's work visit his website



After much anticipation, I recently made my way to Liberty's London where I had the privileged of attending the UK book launch of DECORATE by none other than Decor8's Holly Becker and co-author Joanna Copestick. Having followed her blog for much time, I was delighted and eagerly awaited its arrival. This poignant book opens doors into some of the world's most stylish homes photographed by talented Debi Treloar. The aesthetically pleasing book, melds the casualness of blog with the tone of an American author and a British voice infused by Jacqui Small Publishers. All together it is a must see and read.

Wish you could have been there? Check out this video.

Why we love Decorate?
Because while it subtly teaches through approachable design content, Decorate makes decorating homeowner accessible by offering insightful tips and professional ideas on how to implement style into your everyday surroundings. Get yours here, here, or here.

Sidenote: Meeting Holly Becker was great experience as she offered unique tips into styling, setting tables, events and, of course, decorating. A true inspiration. Some of her influential parting words...

1. Go after it!

2.  Make Connections.

3. Consistency: Keep at it.

To see more photographs, become our friend on Facebook or become a fan of the book.



This Spring-Summer lookbook from Montreal boutique OLDgOLD BOUTIQUE make me want to indulge in a  massive shopping spree. Get these and more here


Caught up

 Marimekko, the Finnish textile and clothing company, has collaborated with Converse to create a women's collection using their signature prints on the classic Chuck Taylor All Star High and Ox. Bold, vibrant and pretty. Just what we like!

 As we always, "if the shoe fits, buy it."


Grace & Style

Grace Jones silk screen printed by Chanel Kennebrew: Exquisite!
Order the poster here.


Simple Things

Liz Wolfe has been on our radar for awhile--namely her combination of sparkles, the colour pink, flowers and candy. This Canadian's playful yet poignant photography captures the banal as extraordinary and vice-versa. Her conceptual blend also offers a sense of whimsy and delight to the eyes. Check her out.



If the shoe fits, eat it!

These yummy mini Air Force 1 were created for the 25th anniversary of the model ( in 2008) by Lausanne's based +41.
I need them...Now!


Lights, Camera, Action!

 Pictogram Movie Posters | Viktor Hertz


A pure JEM

Wonder-woman Nadège Winter is always up to something good! Her latest project a fancy line of jewelry inspired by her daughter Lola with, with JEM.
JEM is a Paris-based brand that specializes in ethically minded bling (gold and silver mostly). 
The design is minimal and singular. We approve!


New In: Animal Font

Spread happiness among people with this playful app entitled Animal Font. It consists of creating animal shaped balloon typography inspired by current environment concerns. Buy it here.

Secret trick: try shaking it like a polaroid picture to create harmonious sounds.

Cuteness at its best!

 Bonus: 100% of the proceeds from sales of this app helps Japan.


Le cirque

Peep this stunning images from Brooklyn Circus's latest lookbook. Style, substance & perennity  are asome of the words that come to mind when looking at these photographs by John Midgley.
Visit the BKc newly revamped here. You'll thank us later.