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Nuit blanche à Montréal (White Night or All-Nighter)

A culture marathon of 180 activities+
WHEN? Tonight to tomorrow morning
WHY? We all like to stay up late
COST? Mostly free

More than 165 activities are planned in the Old Port, Place des Arts, the Plateau Mont-Royal and Mile-End areas. From live performances, music, exhibitions and design. It is not to late to decide on a plan of action. Here are some of tam+sam free recommendations. See you there!

Start by checking out the winter fairyland in the Place des Festivals. Watch films for free on the unique Cinerobotheque and Cinema ONF stations with access to 10,000+ films. Then warm both your body, heart and soul to lively gospel music at the Chapelle Notre Dame de Bon Secours.

While wandering in that area, get lost in Quais du Vieux-Port's Labyrinthe maze. Next go to the Biodome to explore their nocturnal creatures in action.

Stop by Art Souterrain (underground art) to view 80 Photos+, videos, installations and performance pieces from 110 contemporary artists in two miles of corridors of the underground city.

For the Fashionista's, visit W Hotel's 5 fashion photographers exhibit. Spend some time at the abandoned New City Gas Company's Disco party or try the SAT (Societe des arts technologiques) for their unique tag-team style dj's and vj's.

Why not relax with fusion yoga, at Zazen Spa, where a mystical DJ will be present. Then chill out at the CCA (Centre Canadien d'architecture) as they celebrate Nuit blanche with an outdoor cinema and ice bar. Then cap it off at Parc Jean Drapeau for some freestyle snowboarding, skating and sledding.

The night is young...

PS: To help you out, the Montreal transport system will be open all night and the city is providing special + free shuttle buses between participating districts.

Click here for more information.



You can run to the gym in this stellar, white jersey tank by Stella McCartney for Adidas.
$75 US


Olympic Fashions

Fashion Magazine | Bay’s 2010 Olympic line


Trail Blazers

blaz·er [bley-zer]
A blazer is a type of jacket, synonymous with style and sophistication.

The dynamic duo, does it again with their au courant yet classic Spring 2010 Collection.


One Size Fits All

Print + Pattern

Former designer for Nina Ricca and Olivier Theyskens (at Rochas) digital impressionist, Calla Haynes' soft prints and whimsical palette infuse basic clothing with edge.

Martine Chartrand

Martine Chartrand is an illustrator, classical animator and filmmaker. Technique: painting on glass. Her artistic styling reflects the expression of histories and interpretation of the message while maintaining a spirit-filled and textured imagery. Both humanism and conscience in nature, her labour-intensive films mirror social realities. Martine does it best!

Here is one of our favourites, Âme Noire (Black Soul), which won 22 awards. Watch as a young boy traces his roots through the animated stories his grandmother shares with him about the events that shaped their cultural heritage.



In bloom

Great collaboration.
Suresh Natarajan x Freida Pinto x Elle Magazine


Created by Juliana Bennett, Montreal fashion house: Mulcair, makes every effort to use eco friendly yet luxurious fabrics and sustainable materials in its designs. The Prêt-à-Porter collections offers a mix of tailored day to evening wear pieces for a discerning clientele. Fresh with a subdued hint of glamour. Sigh.., our label lust is too much to bear.


Easy Conversation: Donn T.

Reared in a creative household and of musical pedigree, everyone ought to know about Miss Donn T.

The sister of Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson (The Roots famous drummer/ front man), she has shared the stage with notable artists including, but not limited to, Nelly Furtado, Jill Scott and John Legend. She is also about to release her debut album “Donn T/ Kaleidoscopic”, which will showcase a fusion of musical styles.

In her words, "Authenticity always wins." Here is the truth and nothing but...

Photo: Sidney Etienne

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Donn T.?
I'm a vocalist and songwriter with beaucoup eclectic bent!! If I were a geometric figure, I'd have a lot of sides but, they're none congruent. Measurable, colorful yeah. but, my angles have never made it easy to fit. Musically, I embrace it. Philly is where I grew up, so it's home. Tho' at present I'm bi-coastal, spending 1/2 time in LA , 1/2 time in Philly. I've been working in the music industry for a few years and most recently behind the scenes licensing music to tv and film. I'm an artist who loves being behind the mic, as much as I love doing spot music for scenes. A performer who gets as big a rush out of performing as I do from writing for other artists which I've also done. I'm aware that some artists come into the game having been songwriters behind the scenes and dismiss that element once they reach their goal. For me, it's 'all' the goal.

What projects are you working on now?
My debut album Donn T "Kaleidoscopic" is my primary project at the moment. It comes out this Spring. Rehearsing the band, doing shows, tour planning, press and promo, it has my full attention. Indie artists, we hustle hard!!

"Kaleidoscopic" has a broad spectrum of styles. It's the album that fits me, in this moment in time. The making of the album was pretty interesting, too. I'd just returned to my hometown Philly when I was introduced to London based French DJ/Producer Simbad on a fluke. 8 days later the album was written, recorded and mixed. A very intense experience. Still, with each song the album really formed itself. Definitely look for the single and for some very dope remixes. But, I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet. @:)

How would you define your style?
Having spent time in London recently, I'm diggin' London street fashion right now. Whatevah's on the fringe! A little color, clever combinations. I'll rock tiny velvet jackets with pencil pants and a tee + stilletoes w/ socks. sometimes, i sport a baby-doll fitted dress in a bold color or fabric with muted tights and heels. if it works I'll throw on a pair of knee highs for layers. There's 2ft of snow outside my door at this very moment so, warmth is key. My hair is doing this rock-afrilly/punk thing. I could have a beehive tomorrow, it just changes. my hair is never a serious statement. Mostly, it's in charge, I just do what it wants.

What's playing in your ipod these days?
Okay, these just came up random today while I'm interviewing: Nneka "Heartbeat", Beach House "Zebra", Maxwell's "Bad Habits" + "Cold", Quadron "Average Fruit", Silhouette Brown featuring Lady Alma "Leave a Note", Donovan's 'Get Thy Bearings". A hodge podge but, that's some of what's on in the background now. Oh, and before I'm done the interview, Fela Kuti's The Anthology will rotate in. These days my Fela CD's are my guilty pleasure. Recently, I saw Fela! The Musical on Broadway. Okay to be real, it opened on Broadway (NY) late Nov 2009. I'm on my 4th time seeing it. Quite an innovative approach to Broadway, my opinion. Basically, if you hate musicals — you'll love Fela! If you love musicals... you'll love Fela! Antibalas is the house band and they kill it every night. That said, a week doesn't go by that I'm not listening to something Fela.

What did you want to be or do growing up?
An architect, as a kid. I was six. For awhile I just liked the way that word sounded. But, as soon as I could write anything, I wanted to be a writer and I found music compelling. The home I grew up in was pretty creatively charged. I grew up in a musical family. Music was either being written, rehearsed or played - all day long, everyday. As a kid, I thought everybody's house was like that. My dad, an artist on Chess Records - and my mom, a singer and tap dancer who studied with dance legends The Four Step brothers and Charles "Honey" Cole, stacked the family music library with everything from soul to classical. My early eclectic musical influences, are what most inform my approach to music today. Much of the music from that library continues to resonate with me as the single greatest influence in my life. My album "Kaleidoscopic" takes it's cue from there.

Describe your creative process, what inspires you?
My creative process is varied. Sometimes, the way a song comes about is, I'm the only one in the room. I hear the lyric and melody all at once, it's just there. Sometimes, another person musician or producer is playing something and I can hear where I fit. Sometimes, I have a very narrow space in which to create in, another artist is certain they wanna say a particular word 'here' or 'there' and they have a piece of a melody and, I have to fill in the blanks. Sometimes, it's like figuring a puzzle. I have written in virtually every situation. With "Kaleidoscopic" though, it was the most mutual experience I've ever had. Simbad and I were like one mind. Regarding inspiration? I'm always inspired. Life inspires me from every angle... from whatever's bright to whatever's shade.

What is your personal philosophy?
Authenticity always wins. I strive to be my truest self as a artist and as a person. Sometimes, it's risky being authentic (so add to that be fearless) that's my life potion. Inspiring a bit more authenticity in the world thru my music, is what I strive for.

What can we wish you for 2010?
I'm hoping for a successful first release for Donn T "Kaleidoscopic" this Spring! (And Wow, is Santa in the midst?!) You can wish me a pair of those sparkly silver boxing mittens that appeared on tam+sam last month! *giggles @:)

We are wishing her much success on her upcoming album "Kaleidoscopic" and we don't know about those gloves but we are on the look out! : )

Stay tuned in...






Maroussia Rebecq and Andrea Crews clearly knows what it means to RECYCLE. We love what the Paris-based creative team did with these vintage pieces. Eco-Chic!
Buy them here.

For Future Revolutionaries

"The name thenublack comes from the idea that my generation and those born to parents of Black origin have had path paved for them by their parents and ancestors. Although we weren’t around when the MLK’s, Malcolm X’s and other well known Black figures were around – I’d like to think that we’re aspring to be equally as great, as revolutionary and box-breaking as they were." - nublack

Original + Creative


Trendy Tracy

Slip into something comfortable while still looking good.

Tracy Reese: Spring + Summer 2010

Author, Storyteller + Spoken Word Artist: Itah Sadu

Itah is a Canadian award winning storyteller, bestselling children’s author, mother, community developer and the co-owner of A Different Booklist bookstore in Toronto, Canada.

This Barbados-raised Canadian, creates rich works centred on Caribbean heritage, African customs and North American traditions.

One of my childhood favs is Christopher, Please Clean Up your Room. It was later turned into a film in association with The National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Her other best-selling children’s books include Name Calling, How The Coconut Got Its Face, Christopher Changes His Name and A Touch of the Zebra.
Get yours here.

For all Montrealers, you also catch her at Black History Month's The Black Word. She will be reading from her new book, Mathieu Da Costa: First to Arrive.


Easy Conversation: Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola does it all! One of NYC promising music videos director, the 20 something Downtown Sweetheart also designs clothes and she knows how to throw a dope party. In other words, everything she touches turns to gold.

We had a little chat with Miss Kola and it went a little something like this...

Can you please introduce yourself who is Va$htie Kola?
I am the immigrant parents dream, the underdog who forced her way in. I am an artist, director, designer, creative consultant, party producer. I make things.

Growing up what did you want to be?
That ranged quite frequently. As a child I believe I wanted to be a veterinarian because

I loved animals. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a car mechanic because my father was one and I spent a lot of time working on cars. In junior high I wanted to be a pediatrician until I volunteered at a hospital for a summer and couldn't bear to see people in pain. In the beginning of high school I went back and forth between fashion designer, tattoo artist and film maker. I decided to study film because I felt my impact as an artist would reach a greater audience that way.

How different is your creative process when you're working on a video, designing clothes or promoting a party?
It all starts very solitary, with me coming up with ideas and starting from there. In that sense they are the same, but, after that they are very different. Working on a video is always a team effort, there are many cooks in the kitchen. Designing for now is still solitary, and I get to call all the shots because I fund and run my brand. Parties are again, a team effort; however, the gratification is almost always instant when you are at a party and can see the results of your work having a great time!

Who are some of the artists whose work you admire?
Caravaggio, Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo, Immogen Cunningham, Bruce Davidson, Richard Prince, Jackson Pollack, Elle Von Unwerth...too many to name!

Any directors?
Bertolucci, Fellini, Spielberg, Diane Martel, Anthony Mandler, Chris Cunningham, Mark Romanek, Spike Jonze,

Your clothing line Violette is street-wear but with twist , where do you want to take it?
I hope to see it mirror brands like CHLOE or ALEXANDER WANG with pieces that range from street casual to runway glamour. The Violette girl is multi-faceted...

What are some the projects you're working on?
Upcoming seasons of Violette, my Birthday Party in April, Collaborating on a T-Shirt with Theophilus London, just shot a video for Jaheim and Jadakiss, creative consulting for other brands, making viral content for sites, overall just getting in touch with my own creative roots and making things for fun again. I aim to create a video piece monthly, I just shot a video for Curt@!n$.

What's playing on your Ipod these days?

Theophilus London,

Amanda Blank

Lissy Trullie

Major Lazer

Depeche Mode

The Smiths,


Deee Lite

She blogs... and she tweets now

Ladies Do It Best

You can call it "ladies do it best" week on t+s. Until next Tuesday, we will be featuring individuals whose creativity and talent have made them excel in their art. Whether it is through words, images, music or a spray can, these ladies rock!

Observe, create and inspire.


The Black Word


True N*rth Star

Glowing Hearts: Go Canada from Tam Sam on Vimeo.

♥ Bonne Saint-Valentin à tous

Why walk when you can fly?

♥ Love

→ Pop + Shorty

Easy Conversation: Jorge Camarotti

Jorge Camarotti is a prolific and gifted photographer. With features and covers for Nylon, Trace, and Neo2 - to name a few- Camarotti is a passionate and fine esthete who's work is as rich and fascinating as the character himself.

A couple of weeks ago, we met for a cup of tea and it went a little something like this...

Can you please introduce yourself ?

My name is Jorge Camarotti, I’m originally from Sao Paulo - Brazil but I’ve been leaving in Quebec for about 7 years.

Do you have any formal training in photography?

No, I studied communications and packaging design and worked as an art director for seven years before I decided to become a photographer. I worked for sometimes in the advertising industry and then by coincidence I kind of changed path.

As a young kid I use to buy photography magazines but I did not know why. Then I had this teacher who was in house photographer at an agency and he was able to get me an internship. Ever since the first day I put my foot in the studio, everything has changed.

I really enjoy being a photographer. The more you enjoy what you do the better you get because you have a drive. I have now been in the profession for 10 years.

Describe your creative process ?

Music is always first. Sometimes, I listen to music and the lyrics and at some point in the lyrics I find a word or a sentence and wonder how to translate that into photography.

Do you work with a big team or stay by yourself?

Now I am getting bigger and bigger teams, just because I don’t have any choice. -I do like smaller teams better. I recently worked on this shoot with 21 models and it was almost like a movie set.

Tell us a bit about your experience with musicians ?

When I do a good portrait it is because the person trusts me. It is a transparency. When I shot Feist for Trace Magazine, it was just her, myself ,my 35 mm camera in a Brooklyn apartment; we were just talking and taking photos and asking her about how she started her career. When I shot Santigold, - who’s by the way just an adorable person, I had heard of her music just couple of times before meeting her so I was not really familiar. I photographed her in a tiny studio in Brooklyn it was a very laid back shoot for NEO2, At the time of the shoot, we did not know we had the cover and we shot the day before Obama was elected. Also, I had tried to work for them for 3 years and to find out I had the cover was major. Overall it was a huge week.

Soon after I shot her, she came gave a sold-out performance, in Montreal that’s when I realized just how big she was!

Who are some the artists that have influenced your work?

Richard Avedon, I like the simplicity and the path he followed in his career. He’d go from the super glamorous to the really strong portraits - like the Kennedys to Janis Joplin. The way he photographed them, he would catch SOMETHING and this is really inspiring. As a photographer, you have the freedom to do almost anything you want with your subject. You can make someone look super cool or super bad. Great photographers have this power to show truth.

Basquiat. I did my university thesis in school on his work. I’m also a fan of Alejandro González Iñárritu really like the guy that 21 grams. His movies almost give you the feeling feel that there is no script. I love how he works with his screenwriter and also the editing work.

Would you be interested in experimenting with other art forms

I see things in motion and that’s why I have a more lifestyle brand for photography, When I have my insight, I see in motion and not shots. I always had this inclination to film but I find the process long. I’ve been doing short videos for my clients more and more. I’m currently finishing a documentary “Viuvas da Secas” about an unusual group of widows in the dry and arid Nordeste of Brazil.

Are you working on any other projects?

I want to start this project about waiters and I want to take pictures of them. For a lot of people, it’s their first job. I’m Interested in their stories and I want to make a book and possibly a video interview.

Visit Jorge's website for more of his work + news


♥ Love is so weird

Sweet Nothing Heart Necklace

Hand engraved brass pendants by In God
We Trust
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♥ Love Me Lots

Yours Truly,


Je t'♥ Paris

Source: Unknown


I Believe in Love

3 Lambs Graphics