Art Fabrics

Liberty Rocks A/W 2011 Art Fabrics collection offers an eclectic set of fabrics with designs inspired by music, visual artists, vintage paper goods& more. We approve,
More info here


Hot Pink

Fashion designer Naana Tennachie Yankey and her team at Coccolily recently unveiled an new line of nail polish called 'Coccolily's Pink London Collection'.
We love the different shades of pink and the simple and  elegant packaging. Get these and more here


Easy Conversation: Barry Jenkins

Barry Jenkins sure knows how to tell a story. With images and words that reach out to our emotions, the 31 years old  writer  & director  was able with his first feature ' Medicine for Melancholy'  to tell of a beautiful and unexpected romance ... Since then he's worked on other  brilliantly executed projects like 'Tall Enough' for Bloomingdales and most recently 'Chlorophyl'.
We had a chat with him and it went a little something like this.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Barry Jenkins?
I’m a filmmaker living in San Francisco. That’s more or less the gist of it, I’ve been reading quotes lately. Or rather, I’ve been coming across them, they seem to be everywhere and this one I’ve read recently has stayed with me so the “who I am” question gets only that succint answer. "Ask yourself: ‘Who am I?’ Invariably the internal answer will be autobiographical—an identity based on the past. It will be a description of a continuity from childhood through adolescence to adulthood which is all past memories and no longer exists. Memory is the mirror and we live on the wrong side. Seldom will anyone answer the question of ‘Who am I?’ with: ‘I appear to be the process of reading this page." — Yatri, Unknown Man

2. Growing up what did you want to be / do?
A lawyer for the longest while. Seems strange to me now, as a grade schooler that was my answer.
By college, I’d decided to teach, a high school English teacher was how I saw myself. It’s a great profession, very thankful for the English teachers I’ve had throughout my life. Molders and shapers.

3. Tell us about your creative process? Who / what inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many things, I wouldn’t know where to begin. There’s so much noise in our lives, all this technology we surround ourselves with, so much stimulus. Sometimes it feels like noise, a great wall of noise. And then you filter based on intuition, pick the bits of noise that elicit a noise from you and take it from there.
And then there are windows. Right now, I’m sitting in a window writing this and in the parking lot across the street there, two lovers are circling a car having an argument. This is a hotel parking lot. Workers and guests are starting their day (it’s morning) and one by one each of them inspects the couple, gauges the situation, moves on. The couple have settled now, they’ve gotten the worst of it out and have settled into the car. This scene I’ve just watched can be spun so many ways. It’s... undoutedly inspiring. I’m forever looking out of windows. There’s so much out there.

4. What's your work philosophy?
I want to work on things I care about, preferably with people I care about. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. My philosophy for how to work is to embrace intuition. Not to be unformed but to embrace intuition that arises from the study, the diligent engagement of the subject or theme I’m working at. I’ve grown up loving American football, it’s my first love and passion, as a boy my earliest memories are of grass and feet and a mess of play on the football field. Recently I’ve come to appreciate soccer, the other football, and I think the way intuition rules on the field of play in that game, preparation and practice giving way to intuition over the flow of a half. That’s how I approach working: let’s figure out what we’re gonna do... and then never think about it again once we’ve begun.

5. The Borscht Film Festival commissioned one of your last projects the short ‘Chorophyl’. How was it filming in Miami, now that you call San Francisco home?
Amazing. I had the best time and felt free in a way I haven’t in the longest. I wrote no dialogue for this film save the voice-over narration, something I’ve never done. None of the performers had acted before; the lead I cast via Facebook after meeting her at a party two-years prior. I went with my gut through the entire process of making Chlorophyl. 

6. Who are some of the artists who've influenced your work?
James Baldwin. Claire Denis. Wong Kar Wai. Henry Roy. Gus Van Sant. Steven Soderberg. Carlos Reygadas -- there’s an interview he gave to BOMB magazine that I carry with me at all times, that I handed out to the crew as we shot Chlorophyl. Amazing. Glenn Ligon. Lynne Ramsay. Josh and Bennie Safdie. Micheal Winterbottom. Malik Hassan Sayeed. It’s not a definitive list, things come on and go off (though can anything ever come off such a list? Once you’ve been inspired by a thing it stays with you, it’s always in there). Stars of the Lid. Agnes Martin. Charles Burnett. Sebastian Silva. Cao Guimarães. This is getting ridiculous though, I’ll stop there.

7. What else do you have in store for us?
I need to get my next feature together. I’m working very hard on a couple things and hope to get back to feature making soon. I’ve done four short films since Medicine, never expected to make so much short-form content or to have this much time pass between features. I’ve helped start a company in the interim, Strike Anwyhere Films, and together we’ve gotten ourselves going on commercial work in a way that’s opened me aesthetically in completely unexpected ways.

8. A new feature, a short-film?
Both. Features are the ultimate goal, a constant aspiration. The shorts just seem to arise, I never plan them, never decide to make a short film. They just... happen. I love making things. I’m hard on myself. Knowing this doesn’t alleviate a thing. And I can be a pretty down person, these moods come upon me from time to time like an itch or a memory but... knowing what you love is the best antidote. Thus, in the present and future I will continue to just make shit. And I will pay less and less attention to the past. The ideal state is making.

9. What's playing on your Ipod these days?
I’m just gonna do that thing where you list the first ten tracks that play.
Flwrpt + Lemu - The Sound of a Brooklyn Summer (great mix, get it here)
Rachels - Honeysuckle Suite
Gypsophile - Devant des fleurs singulières
Sleepy’s Theme - Can’t Let Go
Sufjan Stevens - Get Real Get Right
Clifford Smith - 11 11 11 011_6
TV On The Radio - No Future Shock
Young Scamels - Bring Forth A Wonder
Andre 3000 - E.T.
Isley Brothers - Who’s That Lady (original version)

Good lord what a crazy mix!

Barry Jenkins elsewhere...

©All images by David Bornfriend

Theodora + Callum

The latest collaboration between acclaimed fashion luminary Stefani Greenfield and entertainment producer Desiree Gruber Theodora & Callum is an accessories line that is both eclectic and free-loving. This mixture was fashioned through inspirational finds from Morocco, Bali, Turkey, India and the Mediterranean as well as the bon vivant mentality of the late 60’s and early 70’s European jet-set. 

+ I am currently crushing on their printed Lobiarritz Wedge Sandals in Plum, Legume & Navy.

Ways to Wear: Don't forget to check out their videos about ways to individualize, personalize and customize their fabulous collection.


Emissar, C'est Chic

Last year, multi-talented visual artist, Alex Wise launched Emissar, a brand that specializes in  bags and accessories for the dapper gentleman. Handcrafted in a Paris atelier using old U.S. Army canvas, fine French leather and linen linings, each model comes in a limted edition run.
Emissar is exclusively at Colette, where else.

Visit Alex Wise's website to view his amazing body of work.

PS: Although, these goodies are for men,  we're sure most of you would agree that the ladies could rock these. too ...


Très Chic Styling

What do you get when you combine a fashion + bargainista? Très Chic Styling. This Montreal company offers this type of discerning client designer looks without breaking the bank. They even create unique shopping parties for you and your friends. Check out these photos from Hello Elo.


It's Saturday, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. It's Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Jarobi White.
Enjoy this ATCQ mix courtesy of Mick Boogie here.


noir de mars™ is the essential

noir de mars™ is Victoria André, a 20 something Montreal based designer who conceives & crafts stunning handbags and clutches.
For this summer collection, the designer  found her inspiration in all things polka dots with bags  made out of screen printed  burlap and leather. And, we approve.
For more info on the brand and the artist, visit


I Like It

Here are perfect reading treats and activity magazines to keep children entertained during the summer break, va- or staycations. But I personally want these for myself. Enjoy...

Owl Magazine is a cute creation by illustrator Felicity French.  Her carefully crafted hand-sewn works are printed on recycled paper and would be loved by the kids. See the digital version here.

For £6 you receive two fold out colouring posters, a colouring pencil made of recycled wood, a double sided panda postcard, a gift label,  a package of sequins and sunflower seeds. Get yours here.

Oliver and the Starman by Helen Hiett is a fantasical adventure story. Her detailed illustrations are reminiscent of classic tales but with a twist. Check out her creative process here.


Covergirl: Beyoncé

Photographer Thierry Le Goues and visual artist Ebon Heath teamed up for this stunning for Beyoncé's cover and feature story in Complex Magazine. Of the gazillions covers (and pictures) of the songstress we've been bombarded with since her album, '4', dropped, this has to be one of the most creative & sophisticated.
We approve.


French & Romantic: Cacharel Resort 2012

Designers Ling Liu and Dawei Sun  have done a excellent job with Cacharel Resort 2012 collection., (their first one for the French house) From the use of Cacharel's signature floral print to  the bright & (block) colors and the casual chic feel of the collection, we love it all.
Visit for more info on the collection.

You move me

The sea breeze was way too much and I forgot my favourite summer scarf *sigh*
Light in colour and fabric it is perfect to drape around you on cooler evenings. You don't have to take my word for it, try these other ones from fabulous, fashion fabric labels. One is never enough.

They come in 5 different colors. Can you guess which colour I have?

Cotton Scarves | $38.00 USD

This inspiring boutique-like store always has a plethora of scarves to choose from ranging from bright bolds to subdued tones. Their selection often consists of crafted pieces dedicated to promoting fair trade and empowerment for female artisans.

 A printed cashmere scarves is a luxurious accessory to have. But only £445. One day soon...


Rush Over

Come fly away to the seaside for a weekend of coastal living. If you can't please enjoy these jeweled beauties from the sea created by French Jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann. The charming cowry and scallop shells adds a playful touch and nautical twist to any outfit. Check out her online world.

Bon weekend from T + S.


Falling for SUNO

Here are some of our favorite looks from SUNO's Fall 2011 preview. Love the sobriety of colors, the mix & match of floral pattern, deconstructed plaid (... )
More of the collection here.

In the Rain

Most who know me know that I enjoy the sea and rain and it is for that reason that I am feeling cerulean blue. The colour reminds me a a perfect shade of blue right after you past the clear turquoise waters surrounding the coastline or the colour of dream-like rain drops against a deep blue, stormy sky.

Anthropologies's BHLDN (read Beholden) offers stunning vintage and bohemian inspired imagery that give a strong nod to the colour in varied shaded and tones. Beautiful!

Fact: Discovered in 1805 by Andreas Höpfner


Crack my bones

One of our favorite designer, Bérangère Claire recently released  these two t-shirts entitled The Shoes "Crack my bones"  (an hommage to indie pop band  The Shoes) and designed in collaboration with french illustrator Sailor Roman.
Shop these and more here   & Check out Sailor Romain online portofolio there


In a Sentimental Mood

Summer travels are always the best. With trips to New York and Paris I can't help but smile at these cute posters created by Vahram Muratyan. They are adorable and witty (see previous post here) and he is constantly creating more delightful designs. I'm seriously contemplating getting the fromage/dessert one for my new kitchen. How about you?

Purchase yours here.