Black Barbie

Italian Vogue's July special supplement is dedicated black Barbie dolls. The first black Barbie doll, Francie, was created in 1967 and 1980. "The new Italian Vogue supplement sounds like a cleverly orchestrated promotion for Barbie's next line of black dolls [So In Style dolls]."

"...we would rather have seen another all-black issue with actual people. But maybe it's harder to find sponsorship for that." -Barbie In Vogue [British Vogue]

Walk this way

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Fairytales can come true...

by photographer Dina Goldstein


Judge an album by its cover


You're cordially invited ...

What? Cool Cats Pop-up Store
Where? 100, rue Myhra, Paris 18e
When? Saturday, July 25 + Sunday July 26 (starting at 11 am)


Lady in Red

Dior's Lady in Red print campaign featuring french beauty, actress Marion Cotillard.
Images by Annie Leibovitz.
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How You Doin?

Monday was allegedly...
a. the premiere of a new daytime talk show
b. a day to luxuriate with the Queen of all Media
c. Wendy Williams Day
d. all of the above

The answer is d and the most notable of these points is c! Yes, July 13th was the official “Wendy Williams Day” in NYC. To coincide with the launch of her new talk show, Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer issued this proclamation.

Her show website is fill with a plethora of goodies, Wendyisms, this week's lineup, How You Doin' Lessons and viewer favourite Ask Wendy. Don't forget to sign-up for those emails and to check the Experience, her WBLS gossip keeping-it-real radio show.


Things that make you go mmm...



R.I.P 1993-2008
The recent demise of Vibe magazine sounded the end of another musical era. Dubbed as the "Black Rolling Stone" by Wikipedia, it infused everything with hip-hop + soul as it ventured out into non-musical terrains.

We loved Vibe magazine. Not so much for the insightful articles but more so for their photographic + design + typographic styling that evoked wit, attitude and creative flair. The redesign, in 2008, only further solidify the praised it received in Print Magazine's 2004 Issue and by Pentagram.

There's always the online version of the popular Vibe magazine. It provides coverage of urban music and fashion, cars, and electronic gadgets.

Work: Editor-in-chief Danyel Smith, art director Mark Shaw, and photo editor Robyn Forest, Luke Hayman and Gary Koepke.


Speed | Vitesse


Can you be my private shopper?

Kristina Gisors
is a new up and coming stylist based in Paris. She's worked for publication such as WAD Magazine, Lurve...
Here is one the latest project she worked on with our girl Nadege Winter for the Reebok Freestyle Bomb Pop Fall/ Winter 09 collection.

Follow her adventures here

ps: Really dig th style.


Little Miss Dream


Don't miss this exhibit featuring a series of skateboards customized by more than 50 visual artists

What? Artiskate
Where? OFF THE HOOK / 1021 Ste Catherine W. - Montreal
When? Saturday, July 11 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm


Open house | Visite Libre

Barbie's Dream House
"Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't have a husband to rein in the fantasy or tone down the glamour."
- Jonathan Adler-


Muneza's Canvas

Montreal based painter / photographer Muneza uses objects and light in a way to tell a story, her story. Her choices of -bright- hues and her meticulous attention to details gives her work this too true-to-life touch that makes it even more captivating.

Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it, if you can.

More info here


Gone too soon

"I didn't want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant was. Thank you, Michael!"
- Fred Astaire (shortly before his death in 1987) -

One of these things just doesn't belong...


Procrastination + Deadline+ Patience

SCAD student Bang-yao Liu


Fashion Cakes



Summer issue of Paris' based Ghubar Magazine

Lego Blaster

One of the most exciting accessories of the summer: The iPod Retro Mini Speaker.

Cheaper is (always) GOOD



O Canada