Guest post : Paid In NY

Princess of the Posse designer Kelly B. is back with a dope drop for the holidays! The Paid in New York Crew is a tribute to all of the amazing characteristics that encompass the wonderful city. Kelly chose to photograph industry notables that personify Ambition, Style, Creativity, Diversity & Individuality like Suzette Lee, Stella Burchard & Johnny Killface to model for the campaign. Visit Princess of the Posse to cop your crew!

PS: Cope the shirt on sale for only 40 bucks.

Courtesy of NuvanyNice

Notes of Interest

Oh oui!

? Soldes privées de la maison Kitsuné
Quand? Jeudi 3 et Vendredi 4 Décembre
? Boutique Kitsuné - 52 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris

Judge a book by its cover

Taschen's Illustration Now! 3 edited by Julius Wiedemann.
With illustrations by Koa, Brosmind, Glauco Diogenes, Sophie Griotto...

Ebony is here

This is week, we have a very special, guest one of our fav' blogger Ebony of NuvanyNice will be distilling some of her magic throughout the week.



Monsieur Cabinet
via Swiss Miss


We Will Pollock You

Internet and Jackson Pollock may not seem synonymous but We Will Pollock You has changed that. Created by Miltos Manetas in 2003 it now also has an iphone app. is one of the most famous works of Internet Art. Try it out here...

MOMA + Tim Burton

MoMA Logo animated by Tom Burton. His Museum of Modern Art exhibition takes place from November 22 - April 10, 2010. A reason to head to NYC for the holidays! See more of MoMA’s Tim Burton retrospective here.


Happy Face 2.0


Black Friday

Skate Supreme

Damien Hirst for New York skate brand Supreme

Alerte a Malibu (Part2)

You may remember that las year Malibu had invited So-me, James Jarvis and Delta to give the white bottle a make-over*.

This time, they've invited Vice , Clark, Shoes-up, 3 of the most acclaimed urban publications, to join the fun and customize their own bottle

* Need to refresh your memory, go here ?

Petits Trésors

I first came across Soledad Bravi's inspiring work through Elle (France) and Colette, the notorious Parisienne magasin. Her first solo exhibtion, which took place in Spring 2009, consisted of actual model size drawings and collaborative products such as clothing, accessories, books and stationery. Candy sale profits kindly went to Children Action. Read more...



Shop for a cause

Designers such as Chanel, Marant, Balenciaga (and many more).

Crazy bargains.

Agnès B as the spokesperson.

All the proceed are going to AIDS research.

Need we say more?

What? La Grande Braderie de la Mode ,

When ? Saturday December, 5 + Sunday, December 6 from 9am to 7pm

Where? 85-87 Passage du Désir BETC Euro RSCG 85/87, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin - 75010

Record of Life

A Record Of Life from Owen Gatley and Luke Jinks on Vimeo.

Karl's Ruby

Lagerfeld's teamed with designer Jerome Coste of Paris-based Les Ateliers Ruby* for this extra luxurious helmet .


Black Montreal

For those of us who will be stuck here on Friday.

ps:for a chance to win a 1000.00$ shopping spree go here

Sweet Candy

Dylan's Candy Bar is coming to Canada -- in Toronto and Montreal's Holt Renfrew.

Not quite sure...

But we can't wait to bask in the retail experience that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets F.A.O. Schwartz.

For the interview, click here.

Leica loves Hermes

Leica and Hermes team up to create a visually stunning camera with a classic red logo and signature orange finish. See more of Ricoh and Leica's recent launches.


Judge an album by its cover

11 tracks, 11 artists, 11 days in the studio.
Damon Dash's new project, BlakRoc featuring Qtip, Mos Def (...)
More info here



With the holiday season around the corner, these personnalized trays from In this very room are very likely to make it on our shopping list.

It's about time...

Mattel's New So in Style Barbie doll. Read more in this interesting article from the Root, Toward an ‘Authentic’ Black Barbie.

Under my umbrella

I'm not one to like the rain but these definitely won my heart.
Cope them here

You are never to old to learn

A dentist invented the electric chair? (No wonder I hate the dentist)
The average chocolate bar has 8 insect legs in it. (That ain't right)
Thomas Edison inventor of the light bulb was scared of the dark. (funny and sad)

These random, sometimes weird, lesser known fun facts came from Learn Something Every Day, a self-initiated daily project by UK based design studio Young. Readers can also submit a fact or shop.


Open House | Visite Libre

Christina Aguilera's Mediterranean-style wonderland, in Beverly Hills, Calif., is both glamourous and gothic. These eclectic punches make every space in the five-bedroom, 11,000-square-foot home have its own personality.
See more images ❤ ♦ ♣ ♠

Channel Surfing

Tired of You Tube.

Instructions: Just press the space bar for the next clip on UPL8


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Haute en couleur

ontemporary design connects with colour at the famed Colour Hotel in Paris, France. The entrance is a shade of bright white whereas one can choose a room themed around tints of red, blue, purple, or green. I choose red!

Lifestyles for the colourful hotel was created by Jean-Marc Galabert + designed by Carole Picard. An interview, in French, can viewed here.



The countdow has begun...

Walk the green walk

Paris based footwear company Veja is really doing the eco thing. By using Brazilian fair trade latez and organic cotton Veja guarantees an excellent product, both in looks and quality.

They recently launched " Projet Numéro Deux" a line of casual+ very classy leather bags.