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Sull Heels | Kermit Tesoro,  Philippines


Happy Birthday!

Our blog turns 2!

Black Beauty

Inglenook Decor fuses heart and soul into their furnishes and home accents. Based in Austin, Texas it offers a urban cottage look that is both romantic and avant-garde.

Black will always be the new black. Pair it with a bold color like yellow and you've got a happy classic.

Amtico Back to Black, Vamp by Amtico International

FORM / Koichi Kimura Architects


Street Etiquette: The Black Ivy

Play on

The Walkman is dead. Long live the GhettoBlaster.
Lasonic has given its I931 GhettoBlaster an extreme makeover by adding a IPod dock, a video output, a USB Port and even a remote. Let the music play.


Things to wear

Central Martin alumni Azumi and David Percival Yamashita, the two designers behind London-based brand A’N'D create refreshing and exciting art +fashion. Their spring / summer 2011 collection of 'things to wear'  is unique as their past creations. From the paper-clip necklaces to the the bow-shaped hair pieces, we want them all.

Best is Enough

Published today, the Muji book by Rizzoli offers insight into this global Japanese brand's craftmanship and design.

This fascinating monograph provides an unprecedented view into the inner workings of Muji, one of the most influential brands leading sustainable design. A prescient advocate of sustainable consumption and the matchless utility of good design, Muji’s founding principle was to develop new and simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while minimizing their impact on the environment. From a humble inaugural line of eight products nearly three decades ago, the brand now sells nearly five thousand different products in hundreds of its own stores in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Text by Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa and Kenya Hara.

Get yours here.



We recently discovered 'Away' a charming spa located in Montreal's W Hotel.
With its 5  beautifully designed rooms, 'Away' offers a calming and intimate ambiance, that will surely  provide a nice break to one's hectic lifestyle.
After a massage, a facial or even a full body peel, you may also enjoy a make-up session with the ladies of SIM Minerals.
Indulge yourself, you'll thank us later.

Knock Knock

The perfect recovery kits designed by Knock Knock. Take your pick...


Satchel Style

Orginally known as "...a carrying bag such as for school books..."

Done are the days of back packs -- we've upgraded to satchels.

1. Jost Satchel | 2. Burberry Convertible Leather Satchel $$$$$$ | 3. Michael Kors Harness Satchel $398 | 4. Filson Field Satchel $795 | 5.  Cambridge Satchel


Let's Stick Together

A beautiful cover from Greek online magazine Ozon, shot by Dutch photographer Anouk Morgan.
Download the October issue here

The Quick Fox...

It is never too early or late to start learning your typefaces. This Typeface Memory Game is perfect for those wanting to be in the known. What's your favourite font?

Design: Brazilian studio PS2  Available at: Bis Publisher.


Blast from the Past

For their 60th birthday Snoopy and Gang, created by Charles Schulz, are on a world tour while offering products available exclusively at Colette. Pieces were created by designers such as Converse , Hysteric Glamour, Lacoste, Mulberry. Get your memorabilia here.

On His list

We asked blogger and style connoisseur Ken Ace to share some of his season's favourites.

Wings + Horns - Fall / Winter 2010

I'm proud to say that this Canadian brand has made it to the top of my list because it reflects my hunger for this upcoming season perfectly. It's simple, well-made & good quality for the right price. With their famous “Tiger Fleece”, Wings+Horns  Fall / Winter collection will definitely keep me in check this season.

The Varsity jacket

Here’s another one of my obsession for the fall:Varsity jackets are back. Streetwear fashion gets  the thumbs up on this one. With wool-Melton body and leather sleeves, this jacket from Heritage Research would be a sweet addition to my wardrobe.

Undefeated x New Balance Sonic 574

This is one of the most comfortable pair shoes I’ve ever worn in my life, and trust me, I’ve worn a couple, lol! This 574 model is made out of sweater material & suede. Apparently, New Balances are a  key component to that whole Scandinavian look so I guess I’m on point!

My IPhone 4


I never thought that a phone could have the best of me. I’m obsessed with it. It’s always in my hands, even at work while I’m helping customers out (My boss hates it, ☺).You have to understand that   before that, I had a puny Nokia 2730 so cut me some slack.  Though I’m still new to the tech game, I’d say I’m adjusting just fine.


For those who know me, you know that I’m a big music fanatic whether it’s jazz, pop, reggae, rap, etc… Now, we've all heard that hip-hop was dead well and it was almost true until I discovered J.Cole. This kid, to me, is the future of “great” hip-hop. Not only does he have mad skills, he actually makes me want to hear more and these days, that’s rare.
Listen to “Who Dat”, his first official single under the  RocNation label here.


Judge a book by its cover:

Coming out on October 26th is 'True Hip Hop' by New York based photographer Mike Schreiber.
Featuring stunning photographs of artists like Mos Def, Common, Biz Markie (...) and behind-the scene stories about the photo-shoots, this book is a must have for all images lovers.

Too cute!



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Iliane, the latest addition to the Hermès family.
Designed by late interior designer and long time Hermès collaborator Rena Dumas, this collection of luxurious cutlery will be available at Hermès' new showroom set to open next month in Paris.  Inspired by the shape of an olive, the design is clean and very elegant.

Starting price 35 € for a teaspoon.

Chanel Iman x Elle Italia October 2010

Chanel Iman  for Elle Italia October 2010 | Photographed by Matt Jones


Midday Snack


Photography | Styling: Aran Goyoaga


Black, Red and beige

Reminiscent of Czech illustrator Josef Čapek's work, these beautiful and retro looking teaser posters for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan were unveiled last week. We're not really sure who designed them, but they're part of the international promotional package for the film.
Starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel and Mila Kunis amongst others, Black Swan is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features of this season. With this new project described as a psychological thriller the Requiem for a Dream director takes us into the world of New York City ballet and we can't wait to see the result.

Muji Motion