We love this original and limited edition notebooks available via Canadian store Hach.
Based in Vancouver and run by a mother and daughter duo, the boutique of exciting well-made products.
Visit the online store and the blog there.


Cookie's Summer

Let's give a warm albeit early welcome to Summer with Cookie Ann new collection. The Lille based designer offers a refreshing and colorful sets of ready-to-wear goodies. More here.


Judge a Book by Its Cover

Baking never looked as yummy and perfect as in this IKEA cookbook. The furniture giant teamed up with swedish agenscy Forsman & Bodenfors and photographer Carl Kleiner for 'Homemade is best' a 140 page coffee-table style cookbook. And we're swoon!
For more visual, visit the agency's page and Kleiner stunning portfolio here


Sac du jour: alphabet bags™

Our tote obsession is fully satisfied with these lovely pieces. Thank you alphabet bags™ & Madewell.


The Shining Star

There are so many reasons why Dilla matters.
He made classics out of classics. He created a distinct sound that is both timeless and soulful.
Undoubtedly, James Yancey's legacy will never to cease to mesmerize and amaze us.

Say Cheese!

1958 | Polaroid, graphic designer Paul Giambarba