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Here is an insight into our creative process; the record of our brainstorming sessions.
We were looking for a logo that would reflect our personalities, our experiences, our philosophies, of what inspires us on daily.


Get your Swag on

What? Lenoir Sample Sale: Clothes+ Accessories from Bruxe Design, Makia, Supra and many more
When? Friday, March 26 5pm-9pm + Sunday March 27 11am-7pm
Where? 1001 Lenoir-Suite A 207 (Corner St Antoine)

Mais, c'est déjà terminé!

we chose not to participate...

Al Dente


And we "quote"

Montreal's Bling

The city of Montreal is home to many gifted jewelry designers. Using gold, silver, fabric, pearl and other materials, these gifted handcrafters create original that are both style +budget friendly. Here a lists of some of those who have caught our attention.


Blame it on the alcohol

Redesigned Malibu bottles
(Caribbean color) | Shoes Up (iconic white) | Clark Magazine (graphic design)

Turquoise + Style

Brought to you by the letters T + S

Behind the lense

What? Studio Malick by Youssouf Cissé part of 28th FIFA
When? Sunday, March 28 at 9:00pm
Where? Cinéma ONF


Similar vs. the Same

Which would you buy?
Tiffany & Co. ($140) vs. Marc by Marc Jacobs ($8).


The messenger

Each new season brings something to look forward to. This printemps, we look to Hermes' take on what spring has to bring.

Their ad campaign features model Karlie Moss in a fairytale-esque setting which harps to Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, the Genie of the lamp, the Little Mermaid and the Princess and the Pea. Elegant, opulent and chic -- Hermes rarely disappoints.

Tights + Stockings

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Godard's masterpiece A bout de souffle will evidently leave with you breathless.
Each of these poster embodies a different aspect of the 1960's release but also gives a small insight in this

The Secret

Oscar nominated film "The Secret of Kells" tells a Celtic story through magical visuals and haunting imagery.

Made you look

Movie + TV Posters

Beautiful Losers | Jackie Brown (Ibraheem Youssef) | Objectified. | Jurassic Park | Curb Your Enthusiasm | The Art of the Stea | The Night Before Christmas (Mans Wikstrom) | Kill Bill (Ibraheem Youssef)


Do you see what I see?

New high definition, wireless projector designed by David Riesenberg. Part of the GEO series, this piece of technology proves that functional yet sleek and simple design should be part of everyday life.


Documentary about advertising execs who choose to make lemonade after they are laid off.


A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

The making of...Dance | Danse

Julien Vallée donne vie aux objets avec "Danse Dance", un projet qui mêle "stop motion" et interactivité pour l'exposition "If You Could Collaborate", tenue à la Foundation Gallery de Londres.

"Nous sommes entourés d'objets auxquels nous ne portons pas attention. Nous les utilisons seulement quand nous en avons besoin afin de nous assurer qu'ils n'empiètent pas trop dans notre espace. Mais s'ils n'étaient pas si serviles? Que se passerait-il s'ils pouvaient tourner, sauter ou même voler? Et s'ils le faisaient tous en même temps?"

DanseDance from Julien Vallée on Vimeo.

Conception, réalisation: Julien Vallée, Nicolas Burrows

A la cubana

Brought to you by the letters T + S

Born in Cuba in 1928, Tomàs Guttiérez Alea was one at the forefront of the New Latin American Cinema. With classics such as La Muerta de un burócrata, and Memorias del Subdesarrollo, Titòn, as he was known, painted a harsh but yet very endearing portrait of post-revolutionary Cuba.


ara Gómez, is one of those geniuses that was gone too soon, her first feature length film Da cierta manera was completed after her sudden death in 1977. The photography, the storyline and editing only confirms that Gómez was one of Cuba's most talented image writer.


Empress of Carnival

Scene from the documentary "Empress of Carnival", which shows the 9-month preparation of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba-school for the carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. This scene shows the preparation of several samba-schools for the upcoming parade. More information at

→ She Breathes


Sleep Tight

Brought to you by the letters T + S

These beautiful movie and tv boudoirs have me craving my bed.
Gossip Girl | Sex and the City | Ocean's Thirteen | The Holiday


Oscar films

Screening Room

How to Watch a Documentary
Take it from a pro: What you don’t see matters

Great interview with Pixar animator and illustrator Sanjay Patel → (Grain Edit)
Ramayana: Divine Loophole

Forget the films, Watch the Titles
You know what they say about first impressions...


Hoods to Woods

Brian "Deka" Paupaw, journey from from Bed-Stuy to South American.

broadcast designer, creative director of the Se7en Nations clothing brand (still kicking?), a serious snowboarder, and now a

Hoods to Woods trailer #2 from Brian Paupaw on Vimeo.

→ Style Noir

The Art of the Title

Brought to you by the letters T + S

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Sherlock Holmes

Art of the Title

The Princess & the Frog

On DVD today!

Lost + Found

A Flickr user bought a box full of old Super 8 films from the 70's at a flea market. He had the films developed. The result is charming. A beautiful surprise.

More clips here


Brought to you by the letters T + S

Brought to you by the letters T + S

Tokujin Yoshioka created this installation, at the Maison Hermes in Tokyo. The visual + magical play between the scarf and the person in the video is a refined and subdued must see.

Scott Snibbe's work is as "emotionally engaging as cinema, yet one where people remain aware of their bodies and their social relationships." His screen series consists of projected white light that interacts with the participants movements based on perconceived emotions or states, such as shyness, deception, and depletion. As people walk up to the screens the projected image comes alive.

Images: Shy + Concentration, 2003

+ Video

Turn your lights down low

+ video


Move with us

As you may have noticed, once every month we focus on one of the many artistic disciplines that inspire us on a daily basis. This week's tam+sam featurette is Moving Image. Everything screen-based. From film, documentaries, movies to motion graphics, animation and even TV related elements will be showcased. Stay tuned...


Brought to you by the letters T+S : What to wear

Brought to you by the letters T + S

Tank - Adidas x Jeremy Scott SS 2010


Shoes - Puma x Hussein Chalayan from the Urban Mobility collection

The Inspired Life

Here are some of the images from Todd Selby latest collaboration with Cole Haan for
'The Inspired Life' project. Nicola Vassel, curator for Deitch Projects + designer James Bond head designer for UNDFTD are some of the personnalities featured.


Sac du jour

Fossil Montreal Satchel