Pas de deux

The ballet look comes center stage this year with looks straight from the theater. So whether you want to plie, sashay down the street or pirouette into spring, here are delightful desirables that will aid in catapulting you to Prima ballerina status.

1. Valentino, Rosette-embellished silk dress 2. See by Chloé, Scalloped ballerina flats 3. Camilla and Marc, Cutout-back silk-faille dress 4. Zac Posen, Full-skirted stretch-silk dress 5. Sandro, Rancon silk and tulle dress 
6. Marc Jacobs, Scalloped organza dress 7. Pedro Garcia, Ivora crystal-strap satin ballerina flats


Made in Paris

What? Visual artist Alexis Peskine at the Adam Studio
When? From March 12 to March 19, 2011 - Opening reception on March 12 at 8 pm
Where? 47, Boulevard Sebastopol - Paris 75001


Easy Conversation: Richard Haines

Richard Haines is as cool and hip and as his illustrations.
A frequent collaborator of J.Crew, this Brooklyn resident takes street-style on the daily updated What I saw today, a blog where he showcases people and stuff he sees in the street of New York - and beyond...
More recently Haines's work was featured on The New York Times  as part of the publication's Fashion week coverage.
We had a chat with him and it went a little something like this.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Richard Haines?
Hmmm. Where do I start with that? I’m a compilation of all my experiences, the way we all are. Some things that stand out: My father was in the navy, and we traveled a lot. I think that gave me a sense of a much larger, more interesting world as I was growing up. It fed my curiosity. I always love to draw. It’s been my passion and escape. That passion to draw merged with my love of fashion and New York City-so those 3 elements all coincided to create my blog ‘What I Saw Today.’ I can’t remember the first time I came to NYC, but I do remember after that all I ever wanted to do was live here. As a kid growing up gay in a very straight, conservative world, New York represented freedom, anonymity, and creativity. Living here after all these years is still a dream come true. It keeps offering me new ways to reinvent myself-or find my true self-and I am so grateful for that.

What made you decide to sketch people instead of taking on good ol' street style photography? There really wasn’t a choice. I’m a terrible photographer-I have no comfort level with it. I am in awe of photographers-that they can get a moment with a camera. I’m too busy fumbling with it and any good moment is long gone by the time I’m ready to hit the button. Sketching was a natural process for me-there was no question that it would be my medium. And I had no idea the blog would take of the way it has. My original ideas was just to experience the rush of putting work out ‘into the universe’ and to use the blog as a portfolio to get fashion design work.

Tell us about your creative process? Who / what inspires you?
The more I draw, the more I see life in situations that should be or can be drawn. But what I look for is a ‘line’-the way a person carries himself, holds himself. It’s not really about fabulous clothes, but a mixing of swagger, attitude, charm and the way a person puts himself together.

What's your work philosophy?
My philosophy is to work, work practice, learn the basics and be humble. I teach and a lot of students want to develop their ‘personal style’ before they learn to draw. That’s a big mistake. One needs to learn how to see-how to break down shape and line, then the style comes in. Also, for years I felt I was never good enough to show my work. That’s why I find the Internet so ‘empowering.’ I always tell students to keep it real-speak and draw with an honest voice, and share your work. -the world needs to see more art!

Who are some of the artists who've influenced your work?
So many...when I was around 11, I saw a fashion illustration in the New York Times of the Paris collections. I have no idea who the artist was, but I was so fascinated by how so much information was captured in so few lines. I remember copying that sketch for days. And of course Antonio, his work in the Times Fashion Magazines in the 60s was groundbreaking- he made illustration so relevant.
And the lines of Vertes, Eric, Bouche-- amazing talents. And of course, Christian Berard, and Cocteau. I better stop here, it's endless....

What's playing on your Ipod these days? I listen to what I call ‘Brooklyn easy listening.’ A lot of Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Department of Eagles. My friend Keehan told me about ‘How to Dress Well’ so I’m listening to that, and I just downloaded some Xx Xy. And of course Velvet Underground or Sylvester always get me through.

Blog :: Twitter 


Daft Coke

How cool is that? After Mika, So-Me & Justice and Karl Lagerfeld Coke teamed up with our favorite robots for these series of limited edition  gold and silver Coke bottles. These two beauties, only available in France (Colette, of course, Monoprix and certain clubs) are definitely worth a trip across the ocean.
Rumor has it that Daft Punk x Coke have more surprises for us so make to visit the soon-to-be-launched


It was all a dream

Nastasia Dusapin is a 20 something French photographer whose dream-like and poetic images have appeared in Elle France, Paulette Magazine, and more... 
With her camera, Dusapin creates a charming one of  kind atmosphere that will immediately seduce you.
Here is a stunning photoshoot she did with former Miss France, Sonia Rolland.

Visit her site, and her blog Mala Bar to see more of her work.


Tea Time

British Marks & Spencer's commissioned a new range of “Naturally Caffeine Free Tea” boxes. The illustrations on the boxes evoke a cosy but cool feel  and are the perfect treat for Afternoon tea.

Designed by Stuart Kolakovic


Open House | Visite Libre: Pieces of Eight CBD Boutique

Just came across this...Pieces of Eight is a brand new store and gallery in the CBD. Got to be there --one day!

Pieces of Eight
28 Russell Place

Upstairs Office

Store Details

Photography: Ben Glezer


New Kids on the Block: House of Rena

Leaning towards evening wear this fashion label, House of Rena, utilizes intricate materials and luxurious fabrics to create pieces that are influenced by their personal style, visionary taste and designers.  Their well crafted garments that are subtle yet chic, have definitely put them on our our Style List for 2011.

Behind the brand we find the Kanj sisters, Reem and Natalya, who are taking part in this year's LFW.  
Bonne chance, les filles!

Look Book 2010, shot in Dubai
Photographers: Mariyah Gaspacho and Tina Yums


Judge a book by its cover

Basquiat, Leonhard Emmerling- TASCHEN, 2011 - 96 pages

After Jean-Michel Basquiat in 2003 renowned curator Leonard Emmerling is back with  Basquiat a second and more complete compilation of Jean-Michel Basquiat's work.
Part of TASCHEN's 'Basic Art Series', the book chronicles Basquiat's short but prolific life as an artist.


In the booth

Last Spring it was Mademoiselle Goré, this years, Club Monaco hired photographer  Ryan McGinley for their new campaign Spring 2011 and the images are as both charming & playful and yet very elegant.

The Parsons graduate take us on a photobooth ride with the oh-so-stunning Lauren Hutton, Parisian it-girl Lou Doillon, Donald Cumming amongst others.

Want to know what really happened behind the camera , watch 'A hard work's day' the behind-the-scene video here.


Say hello to Maggie, Maguerite + Mona

J.Crew 2011


Jourdan & Sacha

Burberry Spring | Summer 2011


Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms, courtesy of Mulberry.
❤ ❤ ❤

Send your sweetheart a
unique digital artwork this
Valentine’s Day


With love...




If you need a fix

What? Get your illustration fix Event
When? Thursday, February 17th, 2011 from 5 pm to 9 pm
Where? Yves Laroche art gallery at 6355 St-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal - QC


Ebony and Ivory

Only the cool ladies at Hell Bellz could come up with such a witty concept.
Minnie x Kitty are most definitely a fierce duo, don't you agree?


Contemporary works from international artists.


Vogue Italia’s “Black Allure”


Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit from Frater on Vimeo.