Get Schooled

It was not love at first or second sight but CW’s Stylista is growing on me. All the same, I can’t place my finger on it but something is just not right. I do not know if it is the Devil Wears Pradaesque Vogue Elle editor, the hyperventilating young man (bless him) or the Real World-like, housemate antics.
Last week’s challenge involved the use of fashion + sewing terminology. I was surprised that the contestants did not even know the basics? Sheer, pleats, woven,… shame! Though, I have to give them props for creating one outfit. Check out mine!

1. Pintuck Ivory silk blouse (Chloé)
2. Knit Oversized wool cardi-coat (Stella McCartney)
3. Pleat-front shorts (Chloé)
4. Woven Nico stiletto heels (Brian Atwood)
5. Darted Blazer
6. Sheer + Empire Grace Waking chemise (Stella McCartney)

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