Andy Warhol in Montreal | Cultural Activities

Illustration of markee: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Delved into Andy Warhol’s creative world and journey through its evolution. Built around major themes, Tuning In, Sound and Vision, Producer, Silver Factory and Fame, the exhibition includes everything from the renowned Campbell's Soup Cans to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake album cover.

What? 640 works – spanning 5 decades including, but not limited to, silk-screens, photos, installations, and films.
Why? rediscover how music was an essential influencer in Warhol’s work and life
Where? The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1380 Sherbrooke St. W.
When? Sept 25-Jan 18


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Stephanie a dit…

I'm Obsessed!!!! The exhibit is phenomenal!!! Two nights ago they had an Andy Warhol ball at the museum in the sunlight much do I wish I was there?!!