Do the G.R.E.E.N.

Here is a tremendous initiative that will make us all a little bit GREENER. When you purchase one of the totes at, a tree is planted in your name! These bags are not only an excellent -- and very much needed -- alternative to plastic bags, but they're also made of linen + untreated cotton, only. Each bag holds more than six bags worth of groceries -- hmm...that is if you're single -- and so for more than 10.000 trees have been planted. Do I need to mention that these adorable bags come in 4 different styles?
To all those who are still holding on to their ghetto plastic bags -- you know what I'm talking about -- make that move right now!

Order your bag here... you'll get free tree with that.


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TAM + SAM a dit…

I was going to post this too, in eco fashion or something. loves it. it is so good that we did this blog together!!! princess ri ri has one too!