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Stephanie a dit…

happy new year ladies! Wishing you a happy and healthy 09 :-)

Stephanie a dit…

How addictive is it?!! I stopped at 200. I read 1-45 pretty thoroughly and then I skipped around till 200.

I just read post #336: it's the best one yet! Really true in my eyes, gives good advice spoken rationally, and overall it pertains to & answers the initial question! Here's my favourite line from it:

"Eye on the prize and don't buy crap (meaning I stay away from F21 like the plague because it's a trap, tempting as it may be. . . it looks nice on some people for sure, it looks like crap on me)."

I COMPLETELY agree with this statement! Sometimes I luck out and find stuff at h&m and f21 lets say, but for the most part I leave it to the fashiontoast likes of Rumi, because she has the inherent style and figure to pull that stuff off. Whereas I have realized no matter what I will never be able to wear it as well. the sizes are made for mini girls and those shiny mini gray mini shorts will never look the same in a size 8 as they do in a 00! Now that I've realized that I'm saving a lot of $$! lol. It's still fun to follow the trends- but I think of my body first now, and which trend will flatter it most,

I lol at comment #108:

"i'm a guy, and sometimes when i'm home alone, ill put on a robe, pretend its a massive fur and wear my moms birkin and walk around the house and pretend i'm some park ave bitch." LOL.

But overall these comments kinda traumatized me. Most seem to be from kids in their late teens and early twenties because I dont really think grown women have all this time to obsess abt eating disorders, but what's scary is how sad the pple in the industry are and how desperate everyone on the outside is to get in. Kinda made me take a step back and question my "fashion" blog- I thought for a brief second about shutting it down to not be a part of all this chaos. Then I considered turning off the comment enabler thinking to myself that all I want to do is put stuff out there and not get the feedback. But the feedback is so fun when it's positive! And the blog- well I love it, so I'm not ready to call it a day just yet but it made me think to not take it so seriously- in case I already was. To quote rachel zoe from comment #134:

"its just clothes, we're not saving lives."

And you're so right! Someone needs to make a book out of these with DEFINITE visuals! Here's hoping a publisher checked it out!

hey, did you see I got a camera?! I nikon D40 with a 55-200 mm lens.!!! So exciting!! and I'm gonna buy a tripod- they're so affordable anyhow and I realized that I need them for outfit posts.

Did you receive anything or gift yourself anything awesome over the holidays?