Easy conversation ... Nadège Winter

Nadège Winter does it all. An avid workaholic, the Headbangirl is always working on a new project, playing on her surf board or spinning at a club near you - sometimes with hubby Pedro Winter of Ed Banger fame.
I caught up with the former Colette girl for a little chat...

You've worked at some of Paris' hottest spots, Le Palais de Tokyo, and Colette, what made you decide to start your own company?
As you've said, I have now many experiences. Starting in the music business as a label manager for Delabel Virgin Record – for 5 years – then as a head of communication at Le Palais de Tokyo, and more recently as a head of communication at Colette for 6 years. During this time, I've also been working on my own personal projects as a DJ, a journalist (TV + press) and organizing parties (…) It then became obvious that I had to start my own company as I wanted to continue developing my own point of view on various purposes. The more I grow, the more confident I get, the more I want to explore new things; and the more I am curious, the more independent I want to be .

What is NWAgency?
NWA (Nadege Winter Agency) is the name of my company. I am a freelance consultant in communication, a visual and creative director, but also producer for a new Internet TV channel Konbini TV.

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest project, Wool and the gang?

Wool and the Gang is a family initiative, a very exciting knitting line founded by some of my friends and I work as a creative director, and communication strategy manager. The line includes colorful yarn brands, DIY kits to push people to knit their own scarves, gloves, hats …We also have a few items that are sold already knitted – It's now available online at and exclusively sold at Colette.

What did you want to be or do when growing up?
When I was very young, I wanted to attend the Fame school to dance, sing, and play all day long. But I remember I've always been attracted to marketing and communication and charitable work. I wanted to help people around me and be an artist.
So here we are now, I'm a creative consultant, I work at developing more and more green projects, and I also try to pursue my artistic aspirations.

Now that you're a DJ, an all around PR girl, an event planner, a journalist, a wife, and I hear you've recently started singing with "The Shoppings", is there anything that you don't do?
Ahaha, Gold digga'!

What's playing on your ipod these days?
Right now Kanye West but I also love the new TV on THE RADIO album.

And what can we wish you for 2009?

Unconditional love, a peaceful life, great surf experience, an explosion busine$ wise, and more and more discoveries.

Merci Nadège


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