La vie est belle

La nouvelle publicité de Bell (août 08) peut être trouvée partout à Montreal.

Bell's new French ad campaign in Montreal rolls of the tongue but the English...

...just doesn't make sense to me. Simpler, better, trimmer. ER, without the prefixes, is just an E and an R. Or do they mean ER like emergency room, troubleshooting etc. In that case, lets go with other words: emergency, bitter, teaser, user, slower, mystery and scammer.

On a positive side, I like that the improved logo harps back to 1975 brand designed by Jean Morin in Quebec.


Image: Cossette Communication, Leo Burnett, Montreal's Lg2, Zula Alpha Kilo

2 commentaires:

Solmaz a dit…

I don't get the er...

Stephanie a dit…

I don't get it either! But you're hilarious ie: SCAMMER\. lol.