Style Signals: Everywhere?

One of the reasons that I love to read Fashionista is because of the comments. A recent post deals with style signals, labels and clichés (read: fashion stereotypes). The use of stereotypes, even fun fashion ones, is dangerous. We can't all be painted with the same stroke or cast in the same light. All the same, some are hilarious, a few speak of some truth, but too many are sad.

See my visual interpretation below of the comments. If you want to read the harsher ones please feel free to visit.

2 commentaires:

Stephanie a dit…

cool post. I <3 the longchamp pliage collection. I wear mine around the clock. I feel like the coach/dooney comment is completely relevant but a little harsh.

TAM + SAM a dit…

Thanks for your comments!!! Yeah i find the comments on fashionista so harsh. Like i look at what ppl wear but thats it. Like i dont base their entire personality on a hand bag. t