Its about time

Net-a-Porter will open -- basically a Net-a-Porter outlet! Hopefully the sales will be better than the ones in the past. This is just perfect for the everyday fashionista, recessionista, frugalista and cheapista. It will be open for shopping in February but you can register now. Better yet, I'm making my wishlist on Net-a-Porter now and hoping for them to be on sale in the near future.

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Stephanie a dit…

This sounds awesome!!!!

Your comment was so funny, Tamisha! You're definitely not missing anything- it's so weird and upper east side rich girl of her to have picked that place! and critics thought Carrie's place was unrealistic for the

BTW- i scored a 80's YSL blazer/coat at the salvation army for $17!!!! it;s the real deal. I still cannot believe it. I dont know how im going to wear it, but I knew I couldn't just leave it there! its at the dry cleaners but I will def. post about it once I get it back! Also picked up a Ralph lauren wool blazer with a very of-the-moment gold and red embossed crest! its going to be perfection for the fall and I know you'd love it ;-)