Easy conversation... Melody Ehsani

Songstresses Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson and Rihanna love of her ultra dope creations, she designed miss Badu's New AmerErykah rings and most recently, her good friend Ahmir ?uestlove was spotted with one her "POW" necklace during a DJ set in Montreal... but who is Melody Ehsani?
Los Angeles — bred Ehsani calls her herself a visionnary, an inspired — and inspiring — designer this young woman has already made numerous converts. And trust me, her lines of urban chic accessories and pumps will turn you into the most adorable P.Y.T.
Stay tuned ladies and gents, in 09, you will follow the MELODY.

Can you please introduce yourself, who is Melody Ehsani?
Melody Ehsani is a visionary who is designing the future.

When did you start designing jewelry and shoes?
I started designing and getting paid for it a little over 2 years ago...but have been creating and inventing things my whole life.

What inspires you?
Anything that reminds me of my true higher self.

What did you want to be or do when growing up?
Growing up I wanted to be a bunch of different things...everything from an astronaut to a lawyer. I actually ended up dropping out of law school to pursue my dream of designing.

What's playing on you Ipod these days?
Lykke Li
Sam Sparrow
John Legend
And a mixture of 80-90s rock and hip hop

What can we wish you for 2009?
In 2008 I expanded from just making shoes into also making jewelry... and in 2009 I hope to expand into apparel.

May I dare asking are you East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast !!!! all the way.

For more info check out Melody's website


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