Easy Conversation... Levi Maestro

We thought we'd do things a little different this times.

All I can say is Levi Maestro, is mos-definitely a name you should remember

Briefly introduce yourself, who is Levi Maestro?
I am a child of God and I'm a creator.

What inspires you?
God, day dreaming, GOD, magazines, photography, food and beautiful girls -they definitely inspire me.

Name 3 things you'd like to achieve before you turn 25?
Be known by 25 million people.
Travel to 25 different countries.
Enjoy my 25th birthday that's on the 25th of the month

What's playing on you ipod these days?
Lots of instrumentals and BJ The Chicago kid, a dope artist I'm working with him.


It's good being Levi Maestro these days, for this 22 year-old wunderkind, every door seem to be opening - wide. After moving to LA, 3 years to pursue his dream, this down-to-earth fella has been keep himself busy, shooting, editing, and skating. In the last little He's teamed up with clients such Nike and he's slowly but surely mastering the craft of story telling. After graduating from high school, Levi took a year off, during which he dedicated himself to skateboard, but "I knew there was always something more..." he adds. He always knew he would never to go to college and wanted to prepare a future for himself, so he packed up his stuff and moved to California to learn film making. A DIY type of guy, with no formal training in film or video, he decided to jump in to learn the ins and outs of the moving images business. He got himself an internship with Grammy winner David Meyers, "an amazing video director" whose ability "to tell a story in such a short time" is what had seduced Maestro.

"My first is love music- with a preference for classic R'n'B, . Al Green is probably my all -time favorite musician, but I also like The Killers, Kanye*, Kid Cudi, and BJ."he says. His passion for music is at the core of his interest in directing music videos. Aside from Meyers some of the other directors whose work he admires include Paul Hunter, Diane Martel . Films? "I don't really watch movies but there are a few directors that I really like because, I feel that are able to tell stories. He really admires the work of Gabriel Muccino (The Pursuit of Happiness + Seven Pounds) and Peter Whitman (The Darjeeling Unlimited); also he loved Steven Spielberg's The Terminal.

Maestro knows, his online show, is his newest and most successful project to date; each episode takes you on a new adventure with yours truly, his guests - and his partner in crime MJ.
So far the guests have included legendary photographer Estevan Oriol and singer Anthony Hamilton, and some of his less-famous friends. " These are all people that I know and I worked hard to build each of this relationship". He met Hamilton at a Sushi spot he used to work at the first year he moved here; two years later their path crossed again and the two eventually hit the road together last year during Hamilton's 6 weeks tour.
With this particular project his goal is to start building his own platform and establish his voice, his style as a director, Mission accomplished, ever since the show was launched a few months ago, it's been the talk-of- the blogosphere. And what does he have to say about people's response? "I'm amazed by the positive support" he says enthusiastically.

What's next for the Maestro ? "There are a lot of things opening up, I have a lot of ideas, and I'm just gonna see which ones are gonna work.
"I want to travel around the whole country and abroad. The UK, France and, Canada are on my list. I'm totally about discovering things I don't know...
I'm definitely interested in commercials and maybe turn the show into a TV show.
I wanna keep growing, everyday! "

*Mr West music is kinda like the unofficial soundtrack to Maestro Knows!

For more info check out the his website+ show + blog

ps: Kudos to Levi, for granting us one of your first Canadian interviews...


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