Guest Post: Togo Waves & Road Maps

Emeka Alams is finally unveiling his highly anticipated debut collection for Gold Coast Trading. After successfully dropping the Chop/Hand Soup T & Cassi Go Home Duffel Bag, a sort of teaser for the full line the wait is over! Continually intending to re-educate the masses on modern day Africa through his designs, Alams has dubbed the debut Togo Waves & Road Maps.
Instead of going from here to Africa im taking it from Africa back here: "3rd world" to "1st"
. To purchase & find stockists contact info (at)

Courtesy of Nuvanynice

4 commentaires:

Jenny B. a dit…

i love the gold coast. cant wait for my bag!!! nice job!
super dope.

TAM + SAM a dit…

I know the GC has the dopest line!

Glad you like the post and our blog...
Come again

EMEKA a dit…

thanks for the post!

TAM + SAM a dit…

... happy that Ebony was able link us up . We should most def keep in touch!!!