New School

Benoit Paille shoots strangers...

New York's own Rahan Cotterel aka Ray Kairos is following the path of some of the city's finest artists.

Wake up with Sara A. Tremblay - from L'éveil

Grant Worth wants you to "Shine on"

Abraham Onoriode Oghobase touches on immigration and integration with 'Lost In Transit'

Paris' Sarah de Burgh keeps it O.G.with her 35mm camera! Charming

With the advent of digital age and the strong emergence of the D.I.Y. , it is undeniable that photography has become much more democratic. Amateur turned- pro photographers have not only access to great equipment but also they also explore and experiment with the medium.
Here is but a small list of our coup de coeur from this new wave of photographer, some shooting with a digital camera others sticking to film (35mm or instant)... more to come!

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