Easy Conversation: Indie 184

Indie 184 needs no introduction, one of the leading [female] graffiti writer, this talented artist has find the perfect balance between the streets and the gallery. Her style is classic and her throw ups are dope; we love it.
We had a chat with her and it went a little something like this...

Tell us a bit about yourself, who's Indie 184?

Hey, I'm Indie graffiti artist and graphic designer...native New Yorker based in The Bronx!

How did you first get involved with graffiti ?

Growing up in almost every borough of New York City and always riding public transportation, graffiti is synonymous to the city as trees are to the suburbs. Even though, I had no direct access and intentions on executing my own graffiti until years later when I would meet real graffiti writers who would heavily influence me to get out there and pick up a can to do my name in the streets.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you?

As far as graffiti style I would definetly have to say my current partner COPE2, then SEEN, DELTA (the original from NY), and SERVE. Aesthetically, it would be LADY PINK, CLAW MONEY, QUEEN ANDREA, KAWS, TILT and Fafi.
There's no trace of it in my work but I have deep appreciation for pop art, cubism and abstract expressionism.

How different is you creative process when you work on a piece for a gallery or in the streets?

My creative process on canvas is almost the same as I think of the graffiti piece that I want to use, fill-in, color scheme and designs, lettering style and composition. But I like to give my canvases a twist - take it to the next level- not just reproduce the pieces that I do in the streets. Most of the time I just freestyle it- off the dome so the style just manifests itself and can result as abstract. Time will tell where my style of art will evolve too, that will be one of my journeys. I also get requests from collectors to produce just a nice clean throw-up (bubble style); in other words Indie on canvas!

Tell us about Kweenz Destroy, your clothing line? why that name?

Kweenz Destroy came about Kings Destroy which is a notorious graffiti crew that was founded in the South Bronx in 1982. When I released the first t-shirt in 2004 I received a great response, so I kept the name and ran with it. Even though the name derives from a crew, a KD girl is one that does it solo, basically a one woman army...she handles all the drama in her life and still gets the job done. That's exactly what the name means, a Kween will Destroy any obstacles in her path!

After last year's collaboration with Fafi, what else do you have in store for us?

For the next Kweenz Destroy spring/summer 2010 collection we are doing a collaboration with TILT and Radio Rose.
Queen Andrea and I will also be curating a group show out in LA with Crewest Gallery in the summer and some will have to just stay tuned...

What's playing on your ipod these days?
I don't carry an ipod but do jam in my home / office with my Bose radio... I've been listening to lots of oldies. The Wildstyle soundtrack, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Maluca "El Tigeraso" (buy it on itunes now!), The Runaways, Michael McDonald, Cat Stevens, Madonna's "Hard candy", Lady Gaga's "Monster" Saturday Night Fever soundtrack... the mix is eclectic!

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