Easy Conversation: Bastien Lattanzio

Bastien Lattanzio loves his friends and beautiful landscapes. The 27 years old has already worked with electro powerhouse Justice, Reebok, Sixpack and is a frequent collaborator of designer Bérangère Claire.  Lattanzio first and foremost uses his camera to capture a moment in his time.
We had a talk with him and it went a little something like this...

Tell us a bit about yourself...
My name is Bastien Lattanzio, I'm  a 27 years old photographer who's been living in Paris for 7 years now. I really like this city, even if it's not perfect. Paris is my muse but sometimes I need a break and I go to NY or London or Moscow. I love travelling, visiting my friend all around the world, getting inspired by new stuff, new people... it's like energy for me.

When did you fall in love with the camera?
Actually it was not my idea to buy a camera, when I was 19, my girlfriend broke my heart so my mum told me to do something with this sadness, to create something, so she bought me an old camera. I then started taking pictures on the street, pictures of everything, every one -in black and white at first. I loved it so much that I started taking pictures of my friends at parties. That's when I realized  that I would to do that, as a job for the rest of my life so I started to work for some magazines. 
A week doesn't go buy without me taking any pictures.  I feel empty if I don't do it, it's almost like a drug for me.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you & your work?
Tim walker, Mark Borthwick, Gaspar Noé, Cyprien Gaillard.

What inspires you?
My friends most of the time.

How different is you creative process when you work on photo shoot or on a video?
It's the same process ....I try to have a good idea,  find a good spot, good people ...

What does photography represent for you? What's your work philosophy?
I don't know...... It's a just part of me. I would say what I want to do with my work is to capture the present, or just to sublime the reel. When I take a picture of someone, I want this person's attitude  transpire in the picture.

Are you working on any exciting project these days?
Yeah of course, I am very proud of what i did with Opening Ceremony. I can't really talk more about it now but you will see... It's gonna be WILD...  I am preparing a new exhibition with some landscape and some portrait.

What's playing on your Ipod these says?Maybe the same than last year...... Joy Division, Lou reed, David Bowie, but recently i really like LCD soundsystem and Two door cinema club from the french and sexy label KITSUNE

Take the time to visit his official page & Tumblr page  for more stunning photographs

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