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Logo design is by far my favorite element of graphic design. I love the challenge of creating a mark to identify a brand. So I'm ALWAYS excited when a client reaches out to me about designing a logo. Today I would like to share with you a logo project I really enjoyed working on in the last month.

This project was with a client who is launching a line of organic plant-based body and hair products called Soultanicals. When describing the essence of her brand the client used words like soul-infused, afrolistic, and soul-centric. I loved these terms! I couldn't help but be inspired. Immediately I brainstormed different ideas to bring "soul" and "botanicals" together (I mean, that's totally what the brand name is all about).

The client mentioned that she wanted an afro lady incorporated into the logo somehow. When I think of afros I think of the 60's and 70's, and the illustrative style of the 60's and 70's was inspired by Art Nouveau. Therefore, I looked at illustration and beauty packaging from the Art Nouveau era for inspiration as well as different ways other artists interpret hair.

I also collected images that related to how I wanted my afro lady to look; peaceful and in a natural meditative state. I also had to figure out how this afro lady would be used. Was she interacting with nature? Would she be a character? A label or a symbol? After tons of sketches I decided to pursue a concept where a natural haired lady was embracing nature and/or being embraced by nature.

Once I got a handle on the face and how this afro lady would relate to her "environment" I created several options (along with some other completely different logo concepts) to present to the client.
The logo pictured bottom right is what she chose.

From our Guest Blogger Andrea Pippins of Fly 

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Seems like you had quite a fun process creating this logo. Beautiful :)