Do You ?

For a few days now, the Internet has been buzzing about Gap's new logo. Many hate it, for others, it's not real design faux-pas.
Here are some questions, that will definitely come in handy when thinking about of revamping your brand.

PS: Here is the old and new logo's as seen on their official website. Tell us what you think?

4 commentaires:

Marjorie's Closet a dit…

Salut vous deux,

On dirait un logo fait pour un logiciel compliqué.

Chacun ses goûts lol


Marjorie xoxo

ps : j'adore votre concept

niki.mac a dit…

I just don't get it.... Why? lol

Jessica a dit…

me no likey. but the actual font looks better!

TAM + SAM a dit…

Thanks for the comments ladies... that logo is definitely not popular at all.

Did you see this?

@Marjorie: Merci beaucoup, we really appreciate your support.