Daft Coke

How cool is that? After Mika, So-Me & Justice and Karl Lagerfeld Coke teamed up with our favorite robots for these series of limited edition  gold and silver Coke bottles. These two beauties, only available in France (Colette, of course, Monoprix and certain clubs) are definitely worth a trip across the ocean.
Rumor has it that Daft Punk x Coke have more surprises for us so make to visit the soon-to-be-launched

3 commentaires:

Niki McNeill a dit…

This is so cool. I'm going to be in Paris in May... maybe I can find one!

Beauty Is Diverse a dit…

Oh wow love these bottles.

TAM + SAM a dit…

Aren't they beautiful?

@ Niki, you should! Already place an order with my sister in Paris!