Cruising down the streets

'Pico Urban Bike' by Puma x Biomega
'Printed  Cruiser' by Lilly Pultizer

'Le Cool Cats Vélo' by So-Me x Puma x Biomega 

'Coasting' by Shimano

With Spring & Summer around the corner, we've already started dreaming about long rides on these beautiful two wheelers.
Which one of these do you fancy the most?

5 commentaires:

a a dit…

Looooving the "Coasting" by Shimano! Would look so fab cruising down the streets in MTL!

SAMI. a dit…

i've got a vintage pink schwinn- which i love and have not used enough at all. still in need of a cute basket + helmet!


TAM + SAM a dit…

@ SAMI you right your ride will not be complete without a basket... and of course a helmet!!

@a Perfect for the 514!

Niki McNeill a dit…

I almost bought a vintage Schwinn last month at Scott antique market and I so regret that I didn't! Atlanta has a huge biking scene and my friends do it a lot during the summer. These have that great vintage appeal ;)

TAM + SAM a dit…

They definitely have a vintage feel!