Guest Post: Friday Music Inspiration - Target Demo by Tes-One

Most Fridays I like to post about music videos, artwork or new albums to download in a section I call Friday Music Inspiration.  Music literally moves me and recently it's been a big inspiration on my work.  Today I wanted to share a series of portraits of hip-hop legends Tupac and Biggie by Leon "Tes-One" Bedore.

About The Work -- Target Demo: Portraits of the late Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace
“Biggie and 2pac will always be examples of how powerful music can be as a medium. Their ability to translate the often grim, inner-city struggles to the masses had them both praised and vilified. Played in the streets and targeted in the media - a marketing plan of rivalry set sights on their friendship, fans and the entire hip-hop community. A senseless tragedy over extraordinary talent, “Target Demo” is my tribute to both men.“
For more info or to buy the limited edition prints, visit the

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