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Stephanie a dit…

Hi!! your blog is amazing!!! it's such a reflection of you girls, I can hear you both in every post :-) I love it! Tamisha- how good was GG last night?!!!! I'm glad you liked my quote post! haha! I wanted to put the one where B says to S something to the effect of: "fine, well help little miss riding hood but then it's ...ra ra ra!!" I DIED laughing!! hilarious! but as you can see I hardly remember all the words lol!

Did you notice some html changes on c'est Chic? I worked so hard last week and even yesterday researching all these questions I had about glitches. What do you think of the outcome?

a big XO- and I only give those out when I mean it...unlike most bloggers! ;-)

oh and GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!! let's make HISTORY!!!!!

sorry this comment is so long, ladies. I promise to never do this to you again.