R.I.P 1993-2008
The recent demise of Vibe magazine sounded the end of another musical era. Dubbed as the "Black Rolling Stone" by Wikipedia, it infused everything with hip-hop + soul as it ventured out into non-musical terrains.

We loved Vibe magazine. Not so much for the insightful articles but more so for their photographic + design + typographic styling that evoked wit, attitude and creative flair. The redesign, in 2008, only further solidify the praised it received in Print Magazine's 2004 Issue and by Pentagram.

There's always the online version of the popular Vibe magazine. It provides coverage of urban music and fashion, cars, and electronic gadgets.

Work: Editor-in-chief Danyel Smith, art director Mark Shaw, and photo editor Robyn Forest, Luke Hayman and Gary Koepke.

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