BezemYMailan have been under our radar for a little while now.
A creative  duo that hails from Russia+Togo (Bezem)  & France +Vietnam (Mailan) by way of Paris and London, their  one of a kind  creations beautifully reflect of this rich cultural heritage. Indeed, Bezem and Mailan  design clothes and accessories for the cosmopolitan gals.
Their style? vibrant and colorful pieces with fine embroderies and a special attention to details, in other words urban, eclectic and chic.
Make sure you to visit their visit their official website, you'll thank us later.

3 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

beautiful pieces, i bookmarked the site for when the shop opens : )
Thanks ♥

Tiffany a dit…

Oh I like this a lot.

TAM + SAM a dit…

These ladies are too dope for words...
Jessisa, we'll def be on the look out for their new website